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A Falling Out Nearly Ruined Julia And Eric Roberts' Sibling Relationship

Sibling relationships go through their ups and downs. A fact that is not surprising for anyone who grew up with one or more. But not all people have to live out their family issues with their siblings in the press as a celebrity does. When this happens, skeletons get dragged out of the closet, every interaction gets scrutinized, and there can be stories about problems that never existed. This is something that Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts know all too well, given the interest in their bother-sister relationship that has lasted over a span of decades to date.

For almost longer than Julia and Eric have been actors, there has been the lingering question about whether a feud exists between them. This question seemed to be answered in the affirmative when the two were having over their daughter, Emma Roberts. Eric reportedly felt "betrayed" by this and stopped communicating with his sister completely. While this festered into stories about , there was more going on behind the scenes. And while she may have given Eric's ex-girlfriend funds for her attorneys, the star apparently never had any intentions of trying to take custody of Emma away from her brother.

This is just one of the stories that the press has hung onto over the years that has helped to continue to fuel the fire about the relationship between the famous siblings being tense. Here is information on whether Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts are close today.

Why Rumors Started That Julia And Eric Roberts Had Problems

The rumors started decades ago that there was tension between Julia and Eric. But there was one incident that seemed to ignite the fire that could continue to burn.

From the way star recalls it, the feud the siblings had all sparked from a salty comment he said on the red carpet.

Before Julia was a household name, .

In fact, before Julia had become an up-and-coming star that would eventually become "America's Sweetheart" (), Eric had over two dozen television and film credits to his name.

Reporters seemed to have forgotten that when rather than his own work, which he was promoting on the red carpet at the time.

"I think years and years ago, I was doing a press tour for some movie … It was just when [had been] released, and so they’re asking a bunch of questions about Julia," Eric explained.

"And I said, ‘Hey, excuse me. Can we talk about me?'"

This comment was comical in Eric's mind, but it is what started the rumors that there was a rift in his and Julia's relationship.

Because the two refused to comment on the status of any problems between them in the years that followed, reporters believed the worst and found any proof that pointed to the fact that Julia and Eric were no longer as close as they were when they were younger.

Eric Roberts Said That He Was "Exhausting To Be Around"

When Eric hit his lowest of lows, he was using drugs. This fact is what prompted Julia to help Eric's ex-girlfriend, Kelly Cunningham, get custody of Emma.

And with the long-term drug use wearing thin on those closest to the star, . This included Julia as well.

"I was exhausting to be around: complainy, blamey, unable to enjoy enjoyment," Eric stated. "Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that must have included Julia."

actor went on to explain that he would not have characterized this time frame as a "falling-out" period between himself and Julia. The two instead "had times of great closenesss." But when under the influence of drugs, "the hardest person to protect yourself from is yourself."

And it was not until Eric was willing to seek help to get his drug use under control that a relationship would not be possible between himself and his Oscar-winning sister.

Are Julia And Eric Roberts Close Today?

It took some time, but the relationship between Julia and Eric did eventually begin to rebuild. .

After the twins were born, Eric simply wanted to drop off some gifts at the hospital for his sister and his newest nephew and niece. But instead of letting him walk away from the room, Julia "ushered" Eric in to meet the babies.

It was then that it was clear that the love that existed between the siblings was still there.

"I was ushered into their room and was immediately awash in brotherly and uncle-ly love," Eric explained.

And the love-fest did not stop there. Eric and Julia suddenly found themselves spending holidays together again, working toward becoming as close as they once were before making a splash in Hollywood.

While all siblings fight, this does not mean that there is a bitter feud. The levels of closeness may just vary over the years. But at the end of the day, most find their way back to one another. Just as Julia and Eric have been able to.

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