The Big Bang Theory: Why Sheldon Is Actually The Show's Main Character

kept a consistent and small cast throughout its twelve-season run. At the center of the action was Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Widely considered the show's breakout character, Sheldon quickly became a pop culture icon.

He introduced catchphrases like "" and even inspired a spin-off show, . won four Primetime Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the character and became an instant star. And while the show could certainly work without any of the other characters, it wouldn't without Sheldon who is, undoubtedly, 's undisputed star.

The Gang Always Adjusted To His Wants And Needs

It's no secret that Sheldon is an incredibly selfish character.

His idiosyncrasies are many and his friends often prefer to go along with them, rather than engage in a fight with the notoriously stubborn and difficult physicist. They respect his schedules, never sit in his spot, and even care for him when he's sick.

Basically, the entire gang's dynamic centers around Sheldon, . Whether it's taking him to the comic book store, singing "Soft Kitty" for him when he's sick, or buying him toys to keep him happy, they do everything in their power to make him happy.

He Hung Out With All The Famous Guest Stars

Like most popular sitcoms,  had its fair share of extremely famous guest stars and Sheldon got to hang out with nearly all of them. Bob Newhart, , Carrie Fisher, Wil Wheaton, Laurie Metcalf, Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Regina King, and of course, Stephen Hawking are some of the very big names that appeared in the show.

Some of these actors share scenes with the entire cast, but some, like Jones, Fisher, Nimoy, Newhart, and Hawking had their stories exclusively tied to Sheldon, confirming his position as the show's lead.

He's The Most Successful Of The Gang

Sheldon is one of the show's most renowned physicists. Though he might not be the most financially successful of the gang, that honor goes to Bernadette, he is one of the most accomplished of them. He wins several awards during the series' run and makes several important discoveries that cement him as one of the most brilliant minds of his generation.

At the end of the show, Sheldon finally wins the Nobel Prize, which he shares with Amy. And while this last achievement , it's still great to see the character fulfilling his longtime dream.

He Has A Special Connection With Each Main Character

Sheldon shares a close and intimate bond with every single main character, , with whom he doesn't share a lot of screentime. However, his close connections with Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, and Amy prove he really is a very important part of his friends' lives.

Both Leonard and Penny are his two best friends, and Amy is his wife and soulmate. But Sheldon also shares a deep understanding with Howard and their friendship is surprisingly sweet. The same applies to Raj and the two actually work together for a while, something that really strengthens the link between them.

He Did The Most Growing Up In The Show

Sheldon has arguably the most interesting and complex journey out of all the characters in , except perhaps for Howard. Though he remains true to himself, throughout the show he also becomes more understanding, less self-absorbed, and friendlier thanks to the help of his friends and wife.

Sheldon's path is fascinating to watch, especially considering where he starts out. By the end, he's a dutiful and loving married man and he even becomes a father eventually.

His arc is a beautiful one.

He's The Most Recognizable Character

Even if someone has never seen , chances are they'll know who Sheldon Cooper is. He's not only the most famous and iconic character of the show, but he's actually a very recognizable and popular figure in pop culture.

Thanks to his quirks, trademark outfits, catchy phrases, and inescapable charm, Sheldon quickly became the representative of the show and the main reason for its increasing popularity. He now joins a select group of unforgettable and influential sitcom characters, like

, Phoebe Buffay, and Michael Scott.

He's The Character With The Most Awards Recognition

Jim Parsons earned a lot of accolades and even more nominations for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper. Among them are four , a Golden Globe, a TCA Award, and two Critics' Choice Television Awards. He also received nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

While the show also received some recognition, most of the cast didn't. In fact, Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki are the only two cast members who also received Emmy nominations, but neither ever won.

Parsons remained the only  representative in awards shows, something that further elevated his profile.

He Has The Most Compelling Romance

Penny and Leonard might be the most prominent romance in , but Sheldon and Amy are by far the most interesting. They start as two very strange and reserved persons who aren't quite sure how to form and sustain a relationship. Over time, they grow and evolve together, forming a very deep and real bond in the process.

and even break up for a while.

However, their love is always there. They support and lift each other, finding a dynamic that works for them, and eventually becoming a successful marriage that manages to find the right balance between conventionality and uniqueness.

He's At The Center Of Most Storylines

Sitcoms have limited time and they usually divide it into two. They have an A storyline, which takes center stage in the episode, and a minor B storyline. Sheldon almost always has the A storyline, which he shares with another character.

The point is, he's at the center of every episode.

Sheldon is always a vital part of the episode and he never gets sidelined by any of the other characters.

He Has Entire Episodes Devoted To Him

Sheldon often gets entire episodes revolving around him. This means that although the rest of the characters play important parts, they revolve entirely around Sheldon's storyline and act as guides, emotional support, or even foes to the genius scientist.

Examples include "The Pants Alternative," in which the friends unite to help Sheldon overcome stage fright, "The Cooper Extraction," in which the gang imagines their lives without him, "The Parking Spot Escalation," in which he causes a massive conflict because he refuses to give his parking spot to Howard, and "The Empathy Optimization," where he is forced to apologize to everyone after being rude to them while sick.

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