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One Big Bang Theory Character Played by Henry Cavill’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Almost Written Out of the Show Due to ‘Toxic Presence’

creators Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre spilled some secrets about the show’s pilot premiere. Fans have loved the series for its adorable cast and relatable story, and despite it wrapping up in 2019, many are still crazy over the show’s narrative.

While the American sitcom became a massive hit among fans, its early start was not quite smooth sailing. There were some changes that the showrunners had made in order to fix the one thing that fans didn’t like.


The Big Bang Theory Showrunners Revised Script Because Of One Toxic Character

Speaking with for last year’s 15th anniversary, and discussed some important points about ’s pilot episodes. They revealed that the first one did not work exactly as they had planned, and it was because of one character. Prady said:

“Well, that pilot was actually the second pilot we had done after the first one didn’t work for a bunch of reasons. In the first pilot, the female character (who, at that point, was named Katie) is kind of rough. She’s dangerous in a way and wasn’t very nice to the guys.”

Lorre remarked that the audiences perceived Katie, portrayed by , differently from what they had designed for her, and because they “” the character, the creators had to rewrite the script. Lorre added:

“We didn’t realize early on that the audience viewed them as children. They were very naive and childlike, regardless of how intelligent they were. They were very vulnerable, and the audience didn’t want a toxic presence around them. That’s why we rewrote Katie to become Penny [Kaley Cuoco] and made her much more charmed by the guys and kind to them, as opposed to a woman who would take advantage of them.”

Lorre admitted that Katie’s role was “” and that it was their responsibility to take the necessary actions to address the issue. Prady noted that the actress wanted to come back as Penny, but her image had been totally marked by the character, and they could no longer bring her back. He further explained:

“She was actually a very sweet person, and it was a lot of work for her to become that rough character. Afterward, she wanted to come back in for the new version of Penny, but she had been so identified as that first character that it wasn’t able to happen.”

In the end, , who once dated actor , replaced Walsh in the show and starred as Penelope ‘Penny’ Hofstadter.


The Big Bang Theory Creators Reveal Kaley Cuoco’s Penny Was A Risk

Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre reflected on their mistakes and shared what they have learned from them. In the same interview, they emphasized how it was not a casting mistake but a problem in the script. Lorre expounded via :

“The miracle of this show is that we got an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and make it better. CBS called after the first pilot and asked if we could do it again and recast the female lead… but my response to them was, ‘No, I don’t think it was a casting problem. I think it was a writing problem.’”

He also noted that the character of Penny was a huge risk, but at the same time, a move they were willing to take. In the end, Cuoco’s role made all the wonders in . Lorre added:

“Penny was this random element that was introduced into their lives and changed them forever. Sheldon was never able to have the rigid order he wanted after her arrival.”

Thankfully, the showrunners listened to their instincts, as well as the audiences’ reactions. The show would not be as successful as it is today had Prady and Lorre did not take accountability.

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