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Was There Tension Between Kaley Cuoco And Jim Parsons During Big Bang Theory's Final Season?

The hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2006 and won over viewers with its quirky cast of misfits. Leonard and Sheldon were roommates and physicists, with friends Howard and Raj. Bernadette and Amy joined later, completing the ensemble for 12 acclaimed seasons.Despite a shaky start, the show struck gold with Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki as an odd couple. The initial male quartet met their matches in Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik.

With popularity potentially comes spinoffs, and Big Bang Theory is no different, with Young Sheldon thrown into the mix by CBS in 2017, which follows the origin story of arguably the most memorable character of the show, Sheldon. This now had actor Jim Parsons appearing in two shows consecutively for a little bit, and it wouldn't be long before he decided which of the two he wanted to focus on the most. But did that cause issues with Kaley Cuoco on set?

Big Bang Theory Was Supposed To Have At Least Two More Seasons

According to Good Housekeeping, CBS was in talks to renew Big Bang Theory for at least another two seasons, as the show was still incredibly popular among its core audience. They ended up pulling back from the idea when Parsons decided he wanted to focus more on Young Sheldon.

And while it was already known that Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard Hofstadter in Big Bang Theory, believes the announcement of the end of the show could have been handled better, it appears that Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, was also less than thrilled at the cancelation of the show.

Cuoco allegedly felt blindsided by the news, and to add insult to injury, was already unhappy with how Penny was being portrayed during her final moments on screen. The decision to cancel the show due to Parsons' transition over to Young Sheldon allegedly caused tension between the two co-stars.

Executive producer for Big Bang Theory Steve Holland said Cuoco and Parsons could barely look at each other during the episode run-through, and that there were also "a lot of hard feelings between Parsons, and Galecki, and Cuoco, who weren't privy to everything that unfolded leading up to the decisions to end the show with season 12."

Cuoco And Parsons Weren't The Only Two Allegedly Feuding

Johnny Galecki was less than thrilled at how Jim Parsons handled his exit from Big Bang Theory, telling sources that the way he found out about Parsons' decision was less than positive and using works like "shocked" and "blindsided" to describe how he felt.

Galecki further clarified that he was "not necessarily shocked by Jim's decision, but that he hadn't had a conversation with his cast mates first." And while Galecki was ultimately understanding of Parsons reason for wanting to depart Big Bang Theory, it may have been a blessing in disguise, as he may have been allegedly feuding with co-star Mayim Bialik.

Fans of Big Bang Theory were quick to point out some weird behaviors between Galecki and Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon's love interest in the show.

While they were generally pleasant when interacting with each other face to face, it was noted that Parson and Bialik both were not following Galecki on Instagram.

Of course, it is not uncommon for accounts to be unfollowed by accident, they also noticed that both Galecki and Cuoco were not following Bialik on the platform. And while this did create a lot of speculation about tension among the cast, Cuoco assures fans that everyone from the Big Bang Theory is doing well and still keeps in touch with each other.

Is The Cast Willing To Work Together Again?

Since Big Bang Theory ended, all of its stars have moved on to other projects. Mayim Bialik makes appearances on Young Sheldon and starred in Call Me Kat. Kaley Cuoco was able to flex her acting muscle in The Flight Attendant, which has been doing very well, and has been voice acting as Harley Quinn on the HBO animated series.

Simon Helberg, who played Howard on the show, has starred in several films since his departure from the show, with Kunal Nayyar, who portrayed Raj, also acting in several television and film roles. And, of course, Melissa Ranch, who was Bernadette on Big Bang Theory, has been doing plenty of animated voice acting to keep busy.

With each of the actors keeping so busy, is there a possibility that Big Bang Theory may be able to get a reboot so many years after its end? It is an idea that Kaley Cuoco is definitely open to, which is not surprising considering she was ready for more seasons of the show during its first run-through.

"I would definitely be open to some sort of reunion does still feel like yesterday that we wrapped," Cuoco admitted, but other cast members may not feel the same way she does about getting back together just yet.

Jim Parsons has yet to comment on the idea of a reunion, but Melissa Ranch did put in her two cents, saying she thinks the show ended right when it was supposed to, and that it may just be too early for a reboot of something that ended not too long ago.

While a reboot may not be in the future for Big Bang Theory just yet, fans of each of the actors can still enjoy re-runs of the much beloved CBS original, or even support the actors in their new endeavors.

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