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Matthew Perry REVEALS why he broke up with 'beautiful, brilliant' Julia Roberts post dating 2 months

is divulging all about his short-lived romance with Julia Roberts! In his highly-awaited, upcoming memoir titled Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, not only did the Friends star reveal the unique way he convinced the Oscar winner to cameo in the legendary sitcom, but Perry also confessed the reason why he broke up with Roberts after dating for just two months.

Why Did Matthew Perry & Julia Roberts Break Up?

In an excerpt from , via The Times and Entertainment Weekly, Matthew Perry shared the reason behind splitting with : "Dating Julia Roberts had been too much for me. I had been constantly certain that she was going to break up with me. Why would she not? I was not enough; I could never be enough; I was broken, bent, unloveable. So instead of facing the inevitable agony of losing her, I broke up with the beautiful and brilliant Julia Roberts. She might have considered herself slumming it with a TV guy, and TV guy was now breaking up with her. I can't begin to describe the look of confusion on her face." Julia Roberts' reps didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

How Did Matthew Perry Convince Julia Roberts to Cameo in Friends?

Furthermore, Matthew Perry revealed the elaborate way in which he convinced Julia Roberts to guest star in Friends Season 2 Episode 13 titled The One After the Superbowl, Part 2. Matthew explained that the 54-year-old actress was offered the Friends episode, to which she apparently stated she would do if "she could be in my storyline." Perry reiterated Julia's demand and quipped, "Was I having a good year or what?" However, he also added, "But first, I had to woo her." And woo her, he did...

Taking inspiration from Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, Matthew Perry attempted to charm Julia Roberts by sending over three dozen roses alongside a note: "The only thing more exciting than the prospect of you doing the show is that I finally have an excuse to send you flowers." However, Julia wouldn't be convinced that easily: "Her reply was that if I adequately explained quantum physics to her, she'd agree to be on the show. Wow. First of all, I'm in an exchange with the woman for whom lipstick was invented, and now I have to hit the books."

"The following day, I sent her a paper all about wave-particle duality and the uncertainty principle and entanglement, and only some of it was metaphorical," Matthew Perry recalled before adding, "Not only did Julia agree to do the show, but she also sent me a gift: bagels — lots and lots of bagels. Sure, why not? It was Julia f****g Roberts."

Interestingly, t was through a fax machine that the ex-couple struck up a friendship, which swiftly transformed into a romance: "I did let her in, both figuratively and literally, and a relationship began. We would already be a couple by the time we started filming the Friends Super Bowl episode."

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Meanwhile, back in a 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Friends Executive Producer Kevin Bright recounted the back-and-forth faxes between Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts, which included the quantum physics paper demand in exchange for a special appearance on the cult show: "My understanding is that Matthew went away and wrote a paper and faxed it to her the next day."

On the other hand, Friends staff writer Alexa Junge fondly remembered the notes: "There was a lot of flirting over faxing. She was giving him these questionnaires like, 'Why should I go out with you?' And everyone in the writers' room helped him explain to her why. He could do pretty well without us, but there was no question we were on Team Matthew and trying to make it happen for him."

What character did Julia Roberts play in Friends?

Julia Roberts made her Friends cameo in Season 2 Episode 13 titled The One After the Superbowl, Part 2. In the hilarious episode, Roberts played Susie Moss, Chandler Bing's (Matthew Perry) childhood classmate. After reuniting decades later, the gorgeous pair strike a heated romance. However, Susie's true intentions are made clear during the couple's date night, when Moss steals all of Chandler's clothes, even his underwear, as revenge for embarrassing her in the fourth grade.

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