Recasting The Characters Of Pretty Woman (If It Was Made Today)

When Pretty Womanwas released in 1990, it instantly became a classic and launched Julia Roberts to international fame. Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Roberts) made the perfect couple, despite their very different backgrounds. They connected on all the right levels. Vivian helped Edward be more laidback and by extension, change his business tactics for the better, and in turn, Edward helped her start her life over and gave her the knight in shining armor she'd imagined since she was a little girl.

If the movie were to be remade today, it would look very different without the original cast, but it'd be an interesting take with different actors, nonetheless.

Happy Man - Kevin Hart

Credited as "Happy Man", Abdul Salaam El Razzac was the man shouting "Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?" in both the beginning and end of Pretty Woman. The film, remake or not, just wouldn't be the same without the iconic "Happy Man." Kevin Hart would be perfect for the role; it's easy to imagine him turning the iconic lines into a monologue with plenty of comedy interwoven, approaching random people and even his fellow actors with his speech, to put an updated spin on the role of "Happy Man.


Elizabeth Stuckey - Rachelle Lefevre

Elizabeth Stuckey was the perfect match for Philip. Snobby and mean, she could definitely be best friends with Rachel McAdams's Regina George. She, like her husband, is all about money and power, and she likes to show it off. Elizabeth wasn't exactly nice to Vivian, either. Rachelle Lefevre played the original Victoria in the Twilight franchise, and Victoria was definitely mean girl material. Lefevre could easily transition from Victoria to Elizabeth given her acting talent.

Bridget - Julia Roberts

Bridget, played by Elinor Donahue, was Barney's friend that was able to give Vivian the help she needed to find a dress in time for an important dinner with Edward. Vivian was distraught after trying to go shopping, but no one would help her and she was even asked to leave the store.

Bridget was kind and good at her job. It would be fun to have Julia Roberts in that same role, paying it forward to the next actress to play Vivian.

David Morse - Jack Quaid

David Morse, originally played by Alex Hyde-White, was the grandson of the business tycoon Edward was dealing with. David was well-mannered, amiable, and didn't share his grandfather's temper. He was also very kind to Vivian. Jack Quaid may have played the bad guy that killed Rue in The Hunger Games, but he's also capable of playing the good guy, given his performance as Hughie Campbell in The Boys. 

James Morse - James Caan

Ralph Bellamy originally portrayed James Morse, the businessman Edward's working with. Edward originally plans to buy and dismantle Morse's company, and Morse is definitely antagonistic towards Edward, unhappy with his plans. However, Morse's cantankerous tune changes when Edward changes his own mind and decides to help him save the company. James Caan and Josh Duhamel previously worked together on Las Vegas, and Caan played his boss then, showing a level of authority and antagonism towards Duhamel's character on the show, but that relationship gradually changed for the better. Their chemistry works well and Caan would be perfect to play Morse.

Kit De Luca - Aubrey Plaza

Kit is Vivian's savvy, streetwise best friend and roommate. She's sassy, sarcastic, and knows how to handle herself. She took Vivian under her wing and showed her the ropes. Aubrey Plaza has shown her talent across several roles, and has played raunchy characters before, notably in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. 

Aubrey Plaza's knack for comedy would certainly provide Kit's character with a modern edge, and perhaps she could even don some early '90s looks as an homage to Laura San Giacomo.

Philip Stuckey - Gary Cole

Philip Stuckey was Edward's sleazy lawyer. Stuckey grew greedy with the profits he and Edward made off the deals they secured together, and grew more antagonistic throughout the film, treating Vivian like dirt and becoming angry at Edward for trying to save the company he was going to buy and dismantle. Gary Cole has played unlikable characters before, most notably everyone's worst nightmare in a boss, Bill from Office Space. Cole would add his own dynamic to the character and a remake.

Barney Thompson - Eugenio Derbez

Héctor Elizondo portrayed Barney Thompson, manager of the hotel Edward and Vivian are staying in. Instead of calling the police on Vivian, he helps her. He has a more subtle, quiet approach, but he's a good guy in the background, helping Vivian learn how to behave at the events Edward takes her to, and supporting her along the way. Eugenio Derbez has both comedic chops and a serious tone about him given his performance in Instructions Not Included, and has already starred in a remake of Overboard alongside Anna Faris.

Edward Lewis - Josh Duhamel

Edward was both witty and classy, and changed over the course of the film's events from a stern businessman to a more caring and generous man, in both his work and his life. Vivian changed him for the better.

Duhamel has proven he can act the part of a professional businessman given his role as Danny McCoy in the NBC show Las Vegas, and he's certainly funny and charming given his performances in films such as When in Rome, Life as We Know It, and Ramona and Beezus.


Vivian Ward - Adria Arjona

Julia Roberts played the sweet but driven Vivian Ward. Her character was laidback and easygoing, but she could hold her own. Adria Arjona has played a wide range of characters from Dorothy Gale in Emerald City to a sorority sister in Life of the Party. Arjona would bring her own energy to the character, perhaps making Vivian more daring, sweet, or a combination of the two. The options are limitless, but Arjona could manage to stay true to Vivian's character while also giving Vivian some updates in the process.

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