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Jim Parsons Admitted Meeting Mayim Bialik Was Similar To His First Encounters With Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki

In terms of casting, Chuck Lorre selected the perfect crew. However, add-ons along the way made the show that much better. and Melissa Rauch's later introductions created so many more storylines. The same held true for recurring guest stars like Bob Newhart and Kevin Sussman who also provided the show with a major boost.

In the following, we're going to take things back to the start. We'll reveal what it was like when the cast first met behind the scenes, and if the chemistry was evident from the start. Both and Johnny Galecki shared the juicy details alongside in an interview from a few years back. Let's take a look at what they had to say and more.

Jim Parsons And Johnny Galecki Instantly Hit It Off When They First Met On The Big Bang Theory

Looking back at the early stages of , Jim Parsons praised Johnny Galecki for making the role of Leonard his own, before anyone else on the show settled into their character. Parsons felt as though it was obvious Galecki had plenty of experience, and that was in full display early on.

Bonding with his castmate wasn't difficult either. According to Johnny Galecki, This meant, spending hours together while enjoying some wine, and revealing deep information. The two had clearly hit it off, and passed out on the couch sharing stories and perhaps having too much to drink.

"I like to do what’s called accelerated bonding, where you just share a lot with each other," Johnny Galecki revealed.

He continues, "That often requires some wine to open up and be that honest with one another within, like, six hours. [] And so, we did. We had many bottles of wine and learned we had so many things in common, including that our grandfathers worked for the railroad, and both of our fathers had passed away at a very early age. I think we both passed out on my living room couch at one point. And then we woke up and went to the first reading. Apparently, it went well."

Meeting his co-stars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco was quite memorable, and the same held true for Mayim Bialik.

Jim Parsons Already Knew Of Galecki And Cuoco's Work, And The Same Held True For Mayim Bialik

For Jim Parsons, for the actor given that he had already seen Galecki act. This was a new experience for Parsons.

He revealed, "I already knew who Johnny was from Roseanne. That was weird because I don't think I've ever auditioned alongside someone I had seen act before. I read with other people, but it was very clear that no one else was making the part their own more than Johnny did. He knew what he was doing and was doing it in a strong way. I didn't feel like he needed my help. I didn't feel like he was bleeding into my work. He was his own distinct thing."

As for meeting Mayim Bialik for the first time, it was similar to Kaley and Johnny given that he was already aware of her past work.

"For Mayim, it was not dissimilar to when I had first met Johnny and Kaley, because I knew who they were already. They had done things."

Meeting the cast was a smooth process but what mattered most was the chemistry among the main stars. According to Johnny Galecki, that was established from the first table read.

Johnny Galecki Revealed That He And Jim Parsons Instantly Connected With Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg And Kaley Cuoco From The First Table Read

Meeting Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg was once again just as positive for the main cast members. Speaking alongside , Galecki had praise for meeting the new cast and the chemistry early on from the first table read. According to the actor, it felt as though the cast had already been together for years from the start.

Johnny tells , "when I met Kunal and Simon and Kaley, when we did that first table read, I'll never forget that. It felt like a band you had been playing with for years. It felt very rhythmic, very musical. Comedy always is, I suppose. I remember Kunal doing something I hadn't predicted at the table read. It changed just by a minute degree."

He continues, "But it just worked better. That seemed to be the case with everybody around the table. Then Kunal asked to borrow money. I thought that was odd. I only remember that because he hasn't paid me back."

Galecki's hunch was right on the money, as the show would go on to enjoy 12 seasons. However, the additions of Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch also proved to be crucial.

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