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Jim Parsons aka Sheldon, Had A Crush On His Big Bang Theory Co-Star Kunal Nayyar? The Actor Once Called Him The ‘Most Handsome Man’ Obsessing Over His Brown Eyes & Hair

Jim Parsons, who is happily married to husband Todd Spiewak since May 2017, once dropped a subtle hint of having a harmless crush on his ‘The Big Bang Theory’ co-star, Kunal Nayyar. This happened when Parsons along with the entire star cast of the show landed on a talk show for an interview. During the interaction, Jim said that he had a thing for brown hair and brown eyes, also saying that Nayyar was the most handsome in the entire cast. Scroll down to know the details.

The Big Bang Theory ran for a total of 12 seasons. It started in 2007 and aired its last season in 2019. Apart from Jim and Kunal, the show also starred Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, and Kevin Sussman.

Speaking of Jim Parsons and Kunal Nayyar, according to The Things, the latter, during their appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, said that one of his first thoughts when he met the cast of his show was that everyone was “good-looking.” Parsons then decided to have some fun with Nayyar as he asked him, “Is that your real answer?” adding, “Because they asked me in the pre-interview, what was your impressions of people and I told them some things, but the one they were like ‘You gotta say this out loud,’ was like I said, ‘So and so is really funny, so and so I just thought was whatever,’ and I was like, but Kunal I thought was the most handsome man.”

Jim Parsons did not stop there as he further stated, “I have a thing for brown hair and brown eyes.” The actor continued as squeezed Nayyar’s face, “He really checked off my boxes and then, later on, I thought he was pretty talented too. But it took a while.”

Parsons also said that it was his initial feelings towards Nayyar and it did not apparently last long as they worked together for so many years on. Also we must tell you Kunal Nayyar is straight and has no inclinations towards men.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory have been through thick and thin, including their salary disputes with CBS.

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