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"I'm not like that normally": Julia Roberts Was Hesitant to Cast James Bond Actor Javier Bardem in Her $204M Movie Because of His Oscar Winning Performance

Julia Roberts has incredible projects in her portfolio which has led her to become one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. From getting her breakthrough in the industry in the late 1980s, she established herself as a leading actress in the next decade. During that time, she worked with many prominent actors which left quite an impression on her. 

However, working with James Bond actor, Javier Bardem was initially quite a concern for her due to his Oscar-winning performance. The duo starred together in Ryan Murphy's Eat Pray Love which is based on Elizabeth Gilbert's 2006 memoir of the same name.

Javier Bardem's Oscar-Winning Performance Left Julia Roberts Worried!

Julia Roberts's 2010 film, Eat Pray Love revolves around her character, Elizabeth who embarks on a journey traveling through Italy, India, and Bali for self-discovery to reignite her passion for life after her tumultuous personal life. 

The film also stars actor, Javier Bardem as her potential love interest, Felipe, whom she ends up loving eventually. However, his character's traits were quite different from the performance she saw of the latter, which happened to be Oscar-worthy. He won an Oscar for portraying the psychopathic assassin Anton Chigurh in the 2007 film, No Country for Old Men. It was quite clear that Chigurh's character was super opposite to Felipe, who was gentle and kind. 

She told Teen Hollywood,  

"I'm sorry to say at one point that he pulls out a picture of him from [that movie]. I'd just gotten a grip on the way he really looks and then he gets me back."

Discussing her co-star's role in the film, she had concerns about whether he would be able to pull off the sweet role or not. 

 "It's been well-reported that I was a little terrified to be around him after 'No Country For Old Men' …I said to him near the end, 'You know, I thought you'd be so intense and weird."

But it was just what he wanted his audience to see. Through her experience watching him in the film, she eventually knew who he really was in real life. 

Javier Bardem's Real Personality Put Julia Roberts at Ease

While things were initially quite worrisome on Roberts' end, it all got solved when she worked with Bardem. He turned out to be an absolute sweetheart off the screen. 

She shared, 

"I'd have to be like, handling you, but you're just so sweet and funny, and it's just so easy!' And he said, 'I'm not like that normally. I just wanted to try it once to see how it worked!'"

Talking about her experience working with him, it was nothing but comfortable. 

"He comes across as incredibly comfortable with his acting and his performing. It really does put you at ease."

His insane acting range is proof that he is quite an impeccable talent in the industry who has even terrified his co-star with his work.

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