We Used AI To Reimagine Penny, Sheldon And BBT Cast Members As Kids, And The Results Are Adorable

When fans first met Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and the rest of characters on the hit CBS show, the cast were all grown adults, with most of them playing characters who were well into their 20s. But what ifwe were introduced to a much younger cast? What would characters be like if they were all young kids?

Using AI artistry, we reimagined the cast as little kids, and let's just say, the results were uncanny and absolutely adorable. One of the major themes is growing up and maturing as a person and getting a look at as near-babies allows us to imagine what their lives would be like in their youth.

One thing we can be certain of is that all of these kids would be just as brilliant, quirky and lovable as they are as adults. From Penny, Bernadette and Amy to Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard and even Stuart, the characters as kids would be something many fans would love a chance to see.

8 Big Bang Theory's Penny As A Little Girl AI Art

was 22 years old when she famously began playing Pennyin season one of Penny started out as Leonard and Sheldon's 21-year-old peppy blonde "girl next door" neighbor.

By season 12, Cuoco's Penny became more mature, more confident and organized, she valued herself more and viewers got to see that she was much more than the dumb blonde she was portrayed as early on in the series. Penny as a little girl would be just as easy-going and kind-hearted as she is as an adult.

7 Big Bang Theory's Leonard Reimagined By AI As A Baby

started playing 27-year-old Leonard Hofstadter when he was 32 years old. Galecki's first acting role was when he was 12, so fans never got to see a baby Johnny Galecki or a baby Leonard.

The as super intelligent, passionate and selfless. But as viewers of the show would know, Leonard is also arrogant and impatient. Over the seasons,became more whiny and complacent. Baby Leonard Hofstadter, reimagined by AI, would obviously be a special baby and likely a baby genius already.

6 Kunal Nayyar's Big Bang Theory Character As A Kid

Raj Koothrappali as a little kid, reimagined using AI art, is one of the most adorable things. Raj was 25 during season one of , and even then, he was level-headed and patient.

And although the series ended with Raj still single, he was definitely one of the most lovable characters. A little Raj would likely have most of the same traits and be just as sweet as

Nayyar was 26 when he first started playing the iconic Raj in , and he played the role until its final season when he was 38 years old. After 279 episodes of , Kunal Nayyar has gone on to play other roles, most notably as the voice of Guy Diamond in the movies.

5 AI-Generated Version Of Big Bang Theory's Amy Farrah Fowler As A Little Kid

's Amy Farrah Fowler didn't join until season three, when the character was already 30 years old. She spends her time in the series as a well-respected and revered neuroscientist and has been described as the "female Sheldon." Her growth and relationship with Sheldon Cooper is a favorite for fans.

Some has been shared in the series. We know she was an only child and had a strained relationship with her mother. Before joining the group of friends, Amy was very lonely and is believed to have had no friends throughout school. In the AI-generated version of a Amy Farrah Fowler, those big brown eyes and glasses are just about the most adorable thing.

4 What Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper Would Look Like As A Toddler

With fans got to see what Sheldon Cooper would have been like was like as a kid. ' character is in the coming-of-age sitcom and we must say, our AI art of Sheldon Cooper as a kid definitely resembles a younger version of Armitage.

We know from that Sheldon Cooper has always been a "special boy" with quirks and brilliance. Sheldon was a child prodigy who showed interest in science at a very young age, maybe even by the time he was a toddler, as shown in our AI art.

With his twin sister by his side, a very young Sheldon Cooper always had a companion.

3 Big Bang Theory's Howard Wolowitz Reimagined As A Kid By AI Art

Simon Helberg's character, Howard, was 25 years old when we first met him in season one. Howard's behavior during those early seasons could be described as "creepy" and "lecherous," but .

We know from the series that, Howard Wolowitz's mom is completely over-bearing and often still treats him as a child. In our AI art of what Howard would look like as a kid, he does look well put together, but there is some mischief lurking behind those blue eyes.

We can definitely see him as being a mama's boy even as a kid.

2 AI-Generated Version Of Big Bang Theory's Bernadette As A Little Girl

Like Amy Farrah Fowler, first introduced Bernadette, played by , during season three, when the character was 23 years old. The character was the shy girl with the high-pitched voice who laughed at all of Howard's jokes. She earned her Ph.D and got a great job in microbiology. But as the seasons went on, fans started to dislike Bernadette and her snarky and judgmental personality.

During the we do learn that, due to having to raise her siblings. But our little version of Bernadette, reimagined by AI art, is likely before all of that. She looks like she'd be the sweetest thing full of so many facts to share with anyone who would listen, and her voice would still be just as high-pitched as ever.

1 AI Art Of Big Bang Theory's Stuart As A Little Boy

Comic book store owner, Stuart Bloom started off as a reoccurring character on , but joined the main cast about halfway through the series. Kevin Sussman was 37 when he started playing the 34-year-old, making him the oldest of the group.

Stuart's character did suffer a lot and wasn't always included in s inner circle, but he did end up having a happy ending when the show came to its conclusion. In our AI-generaged version of what Stuart would look like as a little boy, he is super cute and still looks like he loves comic books.

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