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"I Was Completely Surprised": Big Bang Theory Star Breaks Silence On New Spinoff

The cast of "The Big Bang Theory"Wrapped filming in 2019 after 12 seasons, but a spinoff is still possible. Mayim Bialik, who played Amy Farrah Fowler, weighed in on the potential project and her involvement. 

Speaking in 2021, Bialik didn't confirm plans for another installment in the "Big Bang Theory" universe. “There are talks of things, but I will tell you as someone who was a game show host for many years in my former career, there are always talks of things,” she said. “I have not read a script. I have not signed anything. I don’t know if there will officially or unofficially be anything more coming from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ universe.”

However, Bialik noted she'd be open to reprising her role under the right circumstances. “If Jim [Parsons], who plays Sheldon, if he and I were both like, ‘You know what? We have a cool way to do this,’ I would certainly consider it,” she said. “But as far as I know, no, there is not anything currently in the works.”

Will Mayim Bialik's Amy Be In The New The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off?

Bialik and Parsons' characters, Amy and Sheldon, ended the series ready to embark on a Nobel Prize-winning science project together. Their relationship would provide context for another story set in the same universe. ”I think Johnny [Galecki] and Kaley [Cuoco] and Simon [Helberg] and Kunal [Nayyar] and Melissa [Rauch], we all feel very close in different ways,” Bialik said. ”Whether or not any of us work together again, those relationships are important and meaningful.”

The cast's bond and love for the source material would motivate them to return if the right opportunity arose.  "The thing that would bring any of us back together ... is the opportunity to do justice to the characters and to give fans authentic and genuine 'Big Bang Theory' universe storytelling,” Bialik noted. “If that were presented to me and I felt like I could do service to the character and the fans in that way, that is compelling to me.”

However, Bialik is currently starring in and executive producing another sitcom, "Call Me Kat." While open to revisiting Amy Farrah Fowler someday, she's focused on other creative pursuits for now. The enduring affection for "The Big Bang Theory" may lead its stars and creators back together if the ideal spinoff idea materializes. For the time being, though, there are no concrete plans to continue the long-running comedy's story. 

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