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"We talked about this, right?": Sandra Bullock Confronted Julia Roberts In Public After Their Rumored Feud Surfaced Regarding George Clooney

One isn't an A-list celebrity if they don't have a weird celebrity feud rumor making rounds. Even if two actors have never crossed paths, much like Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, there is an even bigger chance that they might be having a rivalry. While most would not want to add any fuel to the fire, stars like Bullock are not afraid to talk it out.

Although it was a clear joke, Bullock's way of handling the rumors of her feud with fellow star Julia Roberts had everyone praising her for the way things went.

The One Time When Sandra Bullock Confronted Julia Roberts

Hollywood is a land of rumors, feuds, and speculations. Among the plethora of celebrity feuds, most aren't even true but rather gossip created for entertainment. And so it was for the illustrious actresses Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock. Although both started work at the same time and dominated the rom-com genre during the 90s and early 2000s, they have never had a chance to cross their career path.

Both Roberts and Bullock have had a similar career trajectory as well, which had people speculating that there might be some bad blood between them. Hence the rumors started and even George Clooney's name showed up since he is good friends with both actresses for a long time.

While the Proposal star has never spoken up about these rumors, nor has Julia Roberts, the former came across them when she chose to google herself to prepare her speech for an award. And then she publically 'confronted' the Pretty Woman star.

"Apparently, Julia — I don't know where you are — but apparently, you and I are in a dispute over George Clooney. We talked about this, right? We share custody, and we are both fine with it!"

And that is how Sandra Bullock quelled all the rumors surrounding her, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney.

George Clooney's Relationship With Sandra Bullock And Julia Roberts

George Clooney is friends with a lot of A-listers. Among his many friends, he is very close with both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. Although Bullock and Ropebrts aren't known to be friends, Clooney, and the two actresses go way long back. After having starred in multiple movies, it is only natural that fans speculate about why Clooney has never dated either of the actresses.

While the Ocean's 11 star revealed he has been 'fast friends' with Roberts right from the start and that they had always been dating somebody else, Clooney had a weird reason to never date Bullock. In an interview, he stated,

"She was dating one of my best friends. There's a certain bro code, you know what I mean?"

While they might not have any history of dating, the ER star remains best of friends with both Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts.

Source: US Weekly

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