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Kevin Sussman Has One Major Regret Looking Back At His Run On The Big Bang Theory

On May 16, 2019, Kevin Sussman would have gotten to watch his character feature in of . It was a major achievement for the actor, who only initially started out as a recurring guest star in the CBS sitcom before eventually being promoted to the main cast. His trajectory changed when , which convinced the producers to make his character more central to the story.

Sussman originally auditioned for the role of Barry Kripke in , a part that eventually went to John Ross Bowie. He is also said to have , before the powers that be thought otherwise and brought Simon Helberg on board instead.

Having appeared in a total of 84 episodes, he definitely left a mark on everyone associated with the show. In fact, co-star Mayim Bialik would later come to pick him as in the series.

Sussman’s role in remains his most significant to date, but he nonetheless harbors one regret over it.

Kevin Sussman Played The Character Stuart Bloom In The Big Bang Theory

Kevin Sussman played the role of Stuart Bloom in , the owner of the famous comic book store where main characters often frequented. Stuart was often seen hanging out with the group, and he had a crush on Howard’s mother, Debbie Wolowitz.

As the series progressed,the character continued to evolve, and he became a more integral part of the story. He eventually became friends with the main characters, and his comic book store became a regular hangout spot for them. He also had a few romantic relationships throughout the series, including a brief romance with Howard's mother.

The importance of Stuart in plot was demonstrated by the overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans when it was announced that he would be in the show’s cast hierarchy.

“Sussman is terrific and deserves this,” one fan wrote online in response to the news. Another said: “I am thrilled to see him get the professional recognition he so deserves.”

What Is Kevin Sussman’s Biggest Regret From His Time On The Big Bang Theory?

One of the interesting elements of Kevin Sussman’s Stuart Bloom was his multiple romantic endeavors, which often ended in awkward disappointment. There was of course his crush on Debbie Wolowitz, which became a running gag throughout the series. Although these feelings were never acted upon, this thread provided a lot of comedic moments.

However, Stuart's romantic endeavors were not limited to his unrequited love for Debbie. In Season 11, for instance, he and Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) went head-to-head in seeking to win over Bernadette Rostenkowski’s co-worker, Ruchi (Swati Kapila). That battle was won by Raj.

Perhaps the most significant romantic connection that Stuart had over the course of the show was with Denise, who he hired to work as his assistant at the comic book store.

Sussman’s biggest regret from his time on is that this relationship was never given enough room to bloom on screen.

Things might have been different had the show continued beyond Season 12, which was .

The love story between Stuart and Denise would have also been explored further.

“I don’t think the writers knew until the final season that it was going to be the final season,” Kevin Sussman said at the 30th edition of Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show in 2021. “My character had just gotten a girlfriend so I was excited to see what was going to happen with that storyline.”

The Big Bang Theory Ended After Jim Parsons Failed To Renew His Contract

There was an element of surprise in on CBS, considering the fact that most of the people involved in the production were gearing up for more seasons.

However, the decision by main star Jim Parsons not to renew his contract forced the creators’ hand, as they didn’t want to continue without his Sheldon Cooper character, considered by many to be the comedic engine of the show. This caused the abrupt end to The Big Bang Theory.

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