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The Big Bang Theory: Each Main Character's Funniest Scene

The long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory isloved by fans all over the world, although, over time, the show did generate some polarizing opinions. Yet, divisive or not, the fact remains that the series, about the group of awkward physicists and their efforts to mingle and find love and friendship, makes for some hysterically funny moments.

Each character on the show had his or her moments and the cast clearly had the time of their lives playing out the roles. Given the comic nature of the show, it is hard to narrow down one scene that could be considered funnier than others, especially for characters like Sheldon, Howard, or Penny, who literally had the fans rolling in their seats with every scene. But some moments do stand out.

Stuart Getting His Picture Taken

Stuart Bloom is probably the most underrated of The Big Bang Theory characters, but he is also one of the funniest. Actor Kevin Sussman excels at the characteristic deadpan humor and fans love him almost as much as they love the protagonists, if not more.

It is difficult to choose any one funny scene belonging to Stuart, but the one where he and Raj are creating their dating profiles will immediately come to many fans' minds. Stuart had to deliver the perfect smile for the perfect profile picture and the smiles he could muster would scare away even the toughest nut.

When Mary Met Beverley

Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing supporting actors on the show was Laurie Metcalf. Every scene with Mary Cooper was extraordinary, but the one where she meets Beverley Hofstadter for the first time is probably the funniest, especially because of how the two actors play it out.

Mary immediately goes on the defensive when she realizes that Beverley doesn't share her religious beliefs. She takes a crack at the Freudian notions in Beverley's book and tells her that Sheldon was born a genius because a Jesus bobblehead had nodded at her on the way to church after she had just prayed for a smart son.

Beverly's First Appearance

The other amazing mother on the show was Beverly Hofstadter, played brilliantly by Christine Jane Baranski. Her first appearance where she meets Penny for the first time and then goes on to meet Leonard and Sheldon remains one of the most exceptionally funny scenes.

Beverly is an exact female counterpart of Sheldon himself. Not only does she manage to make Penny weep hysterically within five minutes of meeting her, but her and Sheldon's mutual judgment of Leonard for almost everything he did and said, and the straight-faced manner in which the whole thing is pulled off, left fans convulsing in laughter.

Howard In Space

Many fans felt that Howard Wolowitz was creepy and pathetic, but actor Simon Helberg elevated the role to a different level with his sheer talent and comic timing. Like Sheldon, Howard, too, had a barrage of hilariously funny scenes, but his interactions with Bernadette while in the International Space Station simply took the cake.

Howard was miserable in space and was literally counting the minutes to get back home. He missed gravity so much so that he had a very extreme reaction to Bernadette dropping a pen. He also wanted her to build a rocket and come get him from the Space Station. His anxiety reached a stage wherein the other astronauts had to step in and give him a little something to calm him down, following which he relieved himself of his trousers and floated in zero gravity, with NASA and a very embarrassed Bernie watching all the while.

Drunk Bernadette

Bernadette is possibly the most ferocious of the characters in terms of how nasty she could get. In spite of her stature, she was thoroughly intimidating and not someone to be messed with.

But that didn't mean that Melissa Rauch's Bernadette was deprived of her funny scenes. Probably the funniest scene involving this little firebrand was in Vegas, where the girls went for a whirlwind weekend trip. The tables were turned in this episode, as Amy and Bernie had all the fun getting drunk and fantasizing about strippers and Penny studied in her room. Bernie, barely holding herself upright and imitating a male stripper while knawing away on a straw the entire time was an epic scene for every fan who saw it.

Leonard's Babies

Leonard Hofstadter is a staple on the show and his self-deprecating ways make him one of its most beloved characters. He is the only relatively balanced one among the boys and the only one who sees the ridiculousness in most of what the others did.

Leonard had many funny scenes throughout the series, but somehow fans would always go back to the pilot, where he saw Penny for the first time and immediately took a liking to her. He even planned his babies with her, who would be "smart and beautiful." Of course, they would also be imaginary, as Sheldon was quick to point out, but that didn't deter the young man from giving it a go.

Amy Getting Spanked

Amy Farrah Fowler is an absolute hoot and Mayim Bialik does a terrific job making the character an absolute fan-favorite. Amy is awkward, relatable and sometimes lonely and sad, but she gradually started livening up a bit and wanted to spice things up with Sheldon.

Sheldon, of course, wasn't giving in easy, but Amy often managed to subtly manipulate him into some nigh-sexual experiences. Thus came the infamous spanking scene where Amy, who had been pretending to be sick to get Sheldon's attention, had the time of her life.

Raj Handling Sheldon

The adorable Raj was usually the one at the butt end of everyone's jokes. But the character, played by Kunal Nayyar, grew somewhat during the course of the series, going from someone who couldn't speak to women to a successful astrophysicist with an impressive resume.

There was the time when Raj shared an office with Sheldon after the latter offered him a way out of being deported back to India. Sheldon was unbearable, as usual, putting snakes in Raj's desk, but Raj stood up to him, even staying one step ahead of him at times. It was funny and also heartwarming to see him resisting the bully.

Penny Solves String Theory

Penny was supposed to be the relatively "normal" person within the gang, not full of the tremendous amount of scientific knowledge of the others. And while her so-called "ignorance" afforded fans plenty of laughs, the few times when she would rattle off something that she wasn't supposed to know, or actually understood the many comic book or Star Wars references that the boys made, were somehow made funnier just by the way that Kaley Cuoco pulled them off.

When Penny ends up eating pizza at Sheldon's place, she actually takes time to listen to his grievances about researching dark matter. As it happens, she very casually describes his situation in layman's terms and comes up with an idea that, in turn, gives Sheldon an idea about string theory. She then walks nonchalantly into her and Leonard's place and the implication that she had just found a way to solve something that had fooled even Einstein was hilarious.

Sheldon Cooper's Helium Voice

Jim Parson's Sheldon Cooper has some of the funniest scenes in the entire series, given how the series primarily revolves around his social awkwardness. From his "Bazinga" moments to his drunken speech at the awards ceremony that went viral on YouTube, his voice messages to Professor Stephen Hawking and his seductive dance to lure Amy to further the human race with him, there aren't many Sheldon moments that aren't funny.

But fans can't ever forget his voice that happened during the NPR interview as a result of the inimitable Barry Kripke pumping helium gas into his office. In return, Sheldon enacted a foamy vengeance that landed right on top of Barry, but also on the President of the university and some other important guests who were visiting. The whole episode is funny, but Sheldon's cartoonish helium voice is just legendary.

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