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What Exactly Happened Between Julia Roberts And Her Husband's Ex-Wife Vera Steimberg?

It was one of the most scandalous and most publicised break-ups of the decade, and certainly one of the b*tchiest. In 2000, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, 53, had been filming for the movie alongside . At the time, she was dating fellow actor Benjamin Bratt, but this didn't stop Julia's eyes from wandering over to the movie's cameraman, Danny Moder. He wasn't a free agent, either. Moder had been married to make-up artist Vera Steimberg since 1997, but Danny just couldn't help himself when he met Julia.

So what happened between Julia and her husband's first wife, Vera? And what's the story behind Julia's iconic street-fashion moment, when she wore her infamous 'A Low Vera' t-shirt?

Updated on November 10, 2022: Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are still madly in love. As the two raise their three children together, they are also continuing their work in Hollywood. Moder was employed on the film last year, and is the director of photography of the in-production movie . Roberts, on the other hand, has starred in both a movie and TV show this year as well as two films that are in various stages of production.

6 How Did The Double Break-Up Happen?

The story goes that Julia fell in love with Danny while on set. They began seeing each other almost immediately, and six months later Danny filed for divorce from wife Vera, after he'd begun calling Julia every day.

The Oscar winner denies being the cause of their divorce, however. , Roberts claimed that Danny had "sorted his whole thing out, separate and apart from me. And I sorted my life out, separate and apart from him," adding, "I think that's the only reason we were able to ultimately fall in love with each other and be together."

When asked directly whether she'd broken up their marriage, she said, "No. I'm an easy person to point the finger at—'She did it'—and I see that. I don't begrudge people the easy finger-point. It just doesn't happen to be so."

5 Vera Refused To Give Danny Up Without A Fight

Though it wasn't long before Danny had moved out of the family home and was asking his wife for a divorce to be with Julia, the former Mrs.

Moder was reluctant to give up on their marriage. In fact, Vera refused Danny a divorce. This left Julia and Danny in a very difficult situation and caused only anger and resentment on Julia's part.

4 Julia's Infamous T-Shirt Gate

In 2002, many months after his romance with Julia began, Danny still hadn't been able to secure a divorce from Vera. Venting her frustrations through fashion, Julia was spotted on the streets of West Hollywood wearing a home-made T-shirt which read 'A Low Vera' -- a not-very-subtle dig at her boyfriend's wife. Her notable choice of street to hang around shows that Julia was intending to be papped and to get her message out to Vera: let my man go!

3 Julia Forced Vera To Sign The Divorce Papers

According to , Julia is believed to have Vera to sign the divorce papers. After being put under immense pressure by Roberts for over a year, Danny's estranged wife finally relented. , "Julia has been desperate to get Danny down the aisle, and she’s got her wish. I never wanted to lose him, but I’ve given up now."

The make-up artist was also handed a reported $200,000 by Roberts to give her husband up. Whatever the case, Julia clearly got her way, and she and Danny were finally able to tie the knot in July 2002 in a small ceremony in Taos, New Mexico.

2 Does Julia Regret The Way She Acted?

Julia has acknowledged that before she met husband Danny, she had rather a lot of growing up to do.

She implies that this is the reason she behaved the way she did during Danny and Vera's break-up.

, Roberts said, "I was my priority, [at the time] a selfish little brat running around making films." When she "found her person" in Danny, everything changed. "When I think about what makes my life my life, and makes sense and just shines inside of me, it's him. Everything has come from that for me."

1 Roberts And Moder Are Still Happily Married

It seems, fortunately, that all the drama and media attention was worth it for the couple, who are still very happily married nearly twenty years after tying the knot. In fact, they have one of the longest-lasting and happiest marriages in Hollywood.

After a string of unhappy romances, Roberts claims that meeting Moder put an end to her bad luck. Speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow in 2018, the actress said meeting her now-husband was a kind of “seismic shift." "Getting married to Danny," she said, "That was the first, like, my life will never be the same in the most incredible, indescribable way.”

Though rumors will always circulate about the marriage, it seems the couple are genuinely well-matched, and both have enjoyed success in their careers since the big news hit about the double break-up back in 2001. Roberts also regularly posts romantic shots with her hubby on her Instagram page.

The couple share three children together; twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, born 2004, and Henry, born 2007.

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