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Young Sheldon Makes Sheldon’s Nobel Win In Big Bang Theory Worse

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for season 4, episode 12, "A Box of Treasure."

Meemaw's obsession over a scientific experiment in  makes Sheldon's Nobel Prize in Physics win on worse. After a short break, , episode 12, revealing the socially inept genius seemingly all-settled in his job as Dr. Linkletter's lab assistant. However, after realizing that he could utilize Sheldon in a better way than simply asking him to do menial jobs, the professor formally asked the kid for his help for a new project. Eventually, Meemaw also got involved in it and she appeared to surprisingly enjoy it far too much.

Prior to its return after a brief hiatus, it was announced that CBS has officially ordered three more seasons of the offshoot, ensuring its run until at least season 7 in 2024.

In the meantime, however, continued season 4 with episode 12 titled "A Box of Treasure and the Meemaw of Science," which saw Meemaw getting involved with Sheldon's scientific project in school.

After helping to be a workout instructor, which ultimately didn't go anywhere, Meemaw found herself participating in Sheldon and Dr. Linkletter's science experiment trying to detect solar neutrinos. Oddly, it's her crocheting skills that made her useful in the endeavor. While she didn't really understand the specifics of the experiment, she became fully engrossed, and even started dreaming about winning some sort of Nobel Prize for the work.

Obviously, this didn't come to fruition and the chances of her nabbing that accolade are none existent throughout the course of , however, considering how invested she was in this project and its potential breakthrough, it's sad to think that she's not there in person to see Sheldon actually win a Nobel Prize in Physics. ended with his life-long dream turning into reality as he and his wife, Amy, won the honor for their discovery of Super Asymmetry.

Granted that it's a different experiment than what Sheldon and Dr.

Linkletter were trying to do in , but seeing Meemaw have her grandson realize the brief dream would've been nice to see. Even before this, however, there were already questions about why she's barely in any of the landmark occasions in Sheldon's life once he grew up and settled in Pasadena. despite Mary, Missy, and Georgie all coming. Then, all of them didn't go to Stockholm to see Sheldon accept the Nobel Prize in Physics. There's an argument that it's because wanted to focus on Sheldon's found family instead in his group of friends, but in hindsight, having the Coopers there wouldn't have taken anything away from that sentiment.

With confirmed to run for several more seasons, Sheldon and Meemaw's relationship will still continue to develop. In conjunction, the spin-off will also tackle her individual arc which currently involves dating Dale. Perhaps they might even be able to explain why the prequel version of the 's iteration.

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