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"We got a polite decline": Sandra Bullock Refused to Go On a Date With The Big Bang Theory Star Amid Show's Countless Controversies

Sandra Bullock once dodged a bullet by rejecting a feature on the controversial sitcom. The Big Bang Theory has paved the way for a number the television sitcoms and is hailed as one of the greatest shows of all time. The cult classic has over 12 seasons and is loved dearly by its fans. The series also served as a launching pad for the actors who played the seven main characters on the show, launching them into stardom. But like any other show, it has its occasional hiccups here and there, which sometimes varied in range.

Thus, when the self-proclaimed nerd character of the show Raj Koothrappali's long-time crush, Sandra Bullock was invited to do a cameo, the actress politely declined the offer, speculatively to save herself from indulging in the ongoing controversies surrounding the show.

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Sandra Bullock Politely Rejected to be on The Big Bang Theory

Throughout its runtime, the television sitcom by CBS, The Big Bang Theory was riddled with celebrity cameos from Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk. The show which stopped airing in 2019, loved bringing on celebrities abroad to spice up their episodes any chance they got. Thus on such an occasion, a bit more special than the other since it was the season finale, the TBBT team wanted Sandra Bullock to guest star.

Prior to enlisting Sarah Michelle Gellar for the role of Raj Koothrappali's (played by Kunal Nayyar) companion at Sheldon and Amy's Nobel Prize ceremony, the producers wanted Bullock to join since she is Raj's biggest celebrity crush and that fact itself has been a running joke throughout the entire series. But, upon approaching the actress, Steve Holland the executive producer of the show revealed,

 "We were really excited about it, but we got a polite decline because she was shooting a movie and wasn't available. But we were very excited Sarah was available to come on."

People speculated the Bird Box actress denied the offer due to the several controversies that the show was engulfed in at that time, and thus, in turn, did not want to involve herself in the matter. Although it wasn't Sandra Bullock alone, actors such as Harrison Ford also said no to being featured on the show.

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The Several Controversies Surrounding The Big Bang Theory

The show revolving around four self-proclaimed nerds has had various controversial moments during its course. Many viewers find this show offensive due to its regressive stance on equality, including issues related to sexuality, gender, race, and social class. These valid concerns stem from the series perpetuating outdated social beliefs and stereotypes. The offensive depictions of the main characters oftentimes raised many eyebrows, leading to negative criticism of the show. The show was also accused of making fun of sensitive topics such as mental health and autism.

From the stereotypical representation of an Indian guy to the alleged unequal payment distribution between the male and female actors in the show, it covered it all. One time a particular quote also led a fan, who is also a political analyst to send Netflix a legal notice after the said quote degraded a certain very famous Indian actress, which caused quite an uproar on Twitter.

Despite these controversies, the show maintained a large fanbase and enjoyed immense popularity during its twelve-season run.

All episodes of The Big Bang Theory are now streaming on Max.

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Source: TV Line

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