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When George Clooney jokingly sent '$20 bill on a script' to Julia Roberts for 'Ocean's Eleven'

Julia Roberts and George Clooney rank among the most popular actors in Hollywood. In the 2022 movie 'Ticket to Paradise', which stars Clooney and Roberts as ex-spouses who meet in Bali for their daughter's wedding, they shared several memorable on-screen moments. In 2002's 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'. In Clooney's first film as a director, both actors played minor roles. However, their first and most enduring collaboration was in 2001's 'Ocean's Eleven'.

The 1960 Rat Pack movie ('Ocean's 11') served as the inspiration for the Steven Soderbergh version. In the contemporary adaptation, Clooney plays Danny Ocean, a criminal who has just been let out of prison and is already plotting his next theft.

Roberts portrays Danny's ex-wife Tess, as per The Hollywood Reporter. Did you know the 'Pretty Woman' star received only $20 from Clooney to star in the 2001 hit heist thriller? Read on to know more.

'I put a $20 dollar bill on a script'

When it was released in 2001, 'Ocean's Eleven' served as the catalyst for the heist franchise. It was a remake of the 1960 movie of the same name, which starred Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean. The 62-year-old Clooney is well known for his portrayal as Danny Ocean in the 'Ocean's trilogy.

The 'Ocean's trilogy had three box office successes, making over $1.1 billion in total worldwide. Clooney once revealed a humorous tale about how he paid Roberts $20 to join the cast of 'Ocean's Eleven'.

Clooney told GQ: "I remember Julia. I didn't know her. I'd never met her and she was making $20 million dollars a film. And we just talked Brad [Pitt] into doing it and Matt [Damon] into doing it and we wanted Julia [Roberts] to do it. So, I put a $20 dollar bill on a script and I sent it to her. And I said, 'I hear you get $20 a picture now.'"

With an official compensation of $20 million per movie, Roberts, unquestionably Hollywood's sweetheart for her breathtaking presence over the years, became the highest-paid actress in the 2000s. Clooney, who starred in 'Ocean's Eleven' as the film's lead character, used this witty and amusing motion to greet his co-star.

'Ticket to Paradise'

The Academy Award winners once again paired for some on-screen romance in their latest 2002 movie, 'Ticket to Paradise'. In addition to co-producing the romantic comedy, Roberts and Clooney are both playing the lead roles. Roberts and George collaborated again after six years apart.

The two previously worked together on the 2016 movie 'Money Monster', but this time they had a special experience together while making their 2022 romantic comedy.

Although they have always been close friends, Clooney and Roberts have never taken their friendship romantically. For more than 20 years, their on-screen romance has always driven the box office. The two are recognized as two of Hollywood's biggest heavyweights.

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