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6 Young Sheldon Leads, Ranked from Sweetheart to Menace by Reddit

It's clear who Sheldon gets it all from.

When the news that Young Sheldon was in production first broke online, many fans were disappointed and didn't see the appeal in the show's premise. Many years later, however, it's clear that the creators of The Big Bang Theory have hit the nail on the head with Young Sheldon and created one of the greatest sitcoms of recent years out there.

To make a really funny show, you don't need a bunch of good characters. A dysfunctional family with a lot of problems would do just fine to get the plot going. The Coopers were the perfect choice, fans say.

Here are all the members of the Cooper family, ranked from the most innocent to the most badass by r/YoungSheldon.

6. Georgie Jr.

Of course, Georgie has made some mistakes along the way, but he's nowhere near as bad as the other members of his family. In fact, he may be the only one of the three kids who fully understands the situation his family is in, and certainly the one who wants to do something about it. If anything, Georgie deserves a big hug.

5. George Sr.

George is hardly mean, but he's also not exactly a great person to hang out with. It may be the middle age crisis, a dysfunctional marriage, or the opposite, a very well-functioning alcoholism, but George's life is far from joyful. Although the fandom praises him for being nice to kids, he barely gets any real work done.

4. Mary

Many tired mothers around the world can certainly relate to and empathize with Mary. She may not be the sweetest person, but it is very hard to juggle the kids, the house, the husband, and the hobbies all by herself – not to mention taking care of all the special needs that Sheldon has. Her gloom is completely understandable.

3. Missy

Although Missy started out as a pretty nice girl, her teenage years ruined everything, and now she's one of the most annoying characters on the show. A little bratty at times, Missy isn't afraid to talk back and blame her parents for every single mistake they make.

2. Sheldon

You may be surprised that Sheldon himself is not at the top of this list, since he is absolutely insufferable in the original series and even more so in the spinoff. Although some argue that Sheldon is unintentionally mean to others, it's hard to believe that over the years he has never cracked the social code for at least some of the things.

1. Meemaw

Turns out Sheldon Cooper isn't the worst Cooper of them all. His lovely grandmother, who we all know and love as Meemaw, can roast people much harder than Sheldon (and most likely on purpose). Growing up around Meemaw perfectly explains the wittiness adult Sheldon has always had, even toward the people closest to him.

Source: Reddit

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