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“I am putting a pillow here”: Jennifer Aniston Saved Co-Star Jake Gyllenhaal From Embarrassment While Shooting an Explicit Romantic Scene

In the 2002 flick , Jake Gyllenhaal shared a lot of “intimate” scenes with Jennifer Aniston. The story revolves around Aniston’s character Justine Last and her love affair with Gyllenhaal’s character. A year ago, the actor discussed his experience doing such scenes in Gyllenhaal mentioned that the love scenes were and had been equal to a fight scene. Therefore even though he had a crush on Aniston, the mechanical aspect of shooting such a scene removed any warm feelings.

Furthermore, the actor also shared a behind-the-scenes method they used while filming the “kissing” scene in the movie. According to the

actor, they even applied the in one of such scenes.

Jennifer Aniston’s Suggestion While Shooting Kissing Scene With Jake Gyllenhaal

While speaking about his acting experience in also shared how it was filming “intimate” scenes with . The two actors shared the screen in the 2002 comedy-drama Their characters were supposed to be having a love affair. Therefore the movie had a number of intimate scenes between the two. When he was asked if he felt anything while kissing his crush for a movie scene Gyllenhaal said,

“weirdly love scenes are awkward because 30-50 people are watching”

And on top of that, he also added that the scenes were “oddly mechanical” which made him feel nothing except a bit of awkwardness. The

actor also compared the love scenes to a fight scene. According to him, both types of scenes required a “choreography” to be followed by the actors. Moreover, a suggestion by his co-star had actually made things easier for the two. Gyllenhaal shared that at one point Since the two had a lot of kissing scenes in narrow backroom places therefore the pillow technique helped remove awkwardness. The actor also discussed working with the late Heath Ledger in

Jake Gyllenhaal on Playing a Gay Guy in Brokeback Mountain

In the same interview, Jake Gyllenhaal also discussed acting in a same-s** love story. He mentioned that growing up around homosexual couples helped him be free of any prejudices. Therefore even though he was a straight man, he did not feel awkward playing a gay guy. According to the

actor, he had felt the story had been a beautiful one, and his own sexuality did not matter to him. However, he did admit that in the present times, the movie would face backlash for casting straight actors in a homosexual role. Further Gyllenhaal also shared that even a year after the movie’s release, people did not stop questioning his sexuality. Nevertheless, the film is one of the most memorable of its time and its kind.


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