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35 years on from Pretty Woman! Julia Roberts showcases her toned legs in pink blazer dress wows in new campaign...

When Hollywood sweetheart Julia Roberts recently shot the latest ad campaign for a fashion brand, the 54-year-old showed off her long, gorgeous legs.

The Oscar winner for Best Actress perfectly combines her youthful vitality and eternal charm, exuding charming charm in a pink professional suit. Wearing a pink open suit jacket and gorgeous silk shirt, the silver screen goddess doesn't seem to have been eroded by time and still exudes charming fluorescence.

In the ad shoot, Mrs. Roberts elegantly showcased a series of refreshing looks. Her slender legs are especially eye-catching against the pink trousers. Even in her middle age, her long legs, which were impressive in Pretty Woman, are still slender and proportional, with undiminished power.

Julia's hit film Pretty Woman with co-star Richard Gere (who played rich corporate trader Edward Lewis) is just months away from its 35 year anniversary since its release.

Aside from her new fashion campaign shoot, Julia recently reflected on her fame and the role that made her America's sweetheart.

Centre of attention: The star oozed confidence as she walked down the streets in Verona - recreating the iconic scene from Pretty Woman 

Made it: Julia looked incredible as she took in her scenic surroundings, which is the birthplace and headquarters of the brand

Smile: The Stepmom star worked her honey-hued hair into voluminous curls and sported a radiant beauty look

Work it: Julia looked incredible as she posed in the shoot directed by Ago Panin

Speaking with The Guardian, she said dynamics of the Pretty Woman storyline - a business magnate falling in love with a prostitute he hired - might not resonate as well 29 years after its March 1990 release.  

'I don't really think you could make that movie now, right?' Roberts said. 'So many things you could poke a hole in, but I don't think it takes away from people being able to enjoy it.'

Roberts noted the lucky twist of fate she experienced in receiving the role after a number of actresses - including Demi Moore, Valeria Golino and Daryl Hannah - had turned it down, according to iMDb.

'It really is not a measure of talent, particularly in the beginning,' she told the outlet of her route to leading lady status. 

'It's a measure of good fortune - and being able to have your wits about you enough to make something out of that good fortune.'    

Wow: The Oscar winner donned grey tights and plum boots for this sensational snap

1990: Julia's portrayal of Vivian, a prostitute that is hired by Richard's character Edward Lewis - with the characters falling in love - earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination and catapulted her into the Hollywood A-list

Style: The star modelled geometric print tights for a further sultry snap 

This ad series once again showcases Julia Roberts' charm as a fashion and lifestyle icon. Whether interpreting the creative director's vision or incorporating her own personal charm, she always gives an artistic and excellent impression. These highlights her immortal elegance and charm, demonstrating a fact: Julia Roberts' charm is enough to transcend fashion and trends. What she represents is a charm and passion that permeates calmness. 

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