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15 Facts From The Set Of Julia Roberts' Biggest Movies

There are many celebrities whose stars have risen and fallen over the years, but an actress that just exudes the energy of a A-list movie star is Julia Roberts. She’s an actress that for a period of time was the highest paid female movie star and her romantic comedies are still looked at as some of the best films in the genre.

Julia Roberts isn’t as relevant as she was during her reigning period in the ‘90s and early 2000s, but she’s an actress that’s never disappeared and still continues to turn out challenging performances. Julia Roberts still has a lot left in her and she’s sure to headline some major films in the next few years, but the earlier chapters of her career contain some fascinating details that go beyond what’s just seen on screen.

15 Clooney Gave Roberts $20 Along With The Ocean's Eleven Script

Steven Soderbergh's is notorious for how it brings together so many of Hollywood's top talent in a wildly fun heist caper. George Clooney was one of the first actors attached to the project and it’s revealed in the film’s commentary that when he sent the screenplay over to Roberts for her to consider, he included a twenty dollar bill and joked that "20" was her going rate these days. This is a reference to how she just started to get paid $20 million for her roles.

14 Roberts Got Gere To Agree To Pretty Woman With A Post-It Note

The chemistry that's created between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in is some of the best in all of romantic comedies and the two became paired together numerous times as a result. Gere was ready to turn down the film due to its subject matter, but right before he turned it down, Roberts passed him a Post-It note that said, "Please say yes," which convinced him to change his mind and sign on.

13 Roberts Turned Down The Lead Role For The Supporting One In America's Sweethearts

is a lovable Julia Roberts romantic comedy that's very self-aware and intentionally plays upon areas like the tabloids, paparazzi, and the cast’s own public reputations. Deadline reports that due to Roberts' massive reputation, she was originally offered the lead in the film, since the role is so similar to her. However, Roberts wanted to play the supporting character, Kiki, instead and Catherine Zeta-Jones was put in the leading part.

12 Pretty Woman's Bubble Bath Scene Took The Red Out Of Roberts' Hair

Another beloved moment in is when Robert's Vivian relaxes in a luxurious bubble bath.

In order to properly achieve the big bubbles that were necessary for the scene, an over the top amount of detergent was added to the bath. This became so strong that it took the red dye out of Roberts' hair and she had to get it re-dyed that night before the next day's filming, claims Cheat Sheet.

11 The Real Erin Brockovich Shows Up In The Film With Roberts

One of Julia Roberts' most acclaimed performances is her work in the biopic, . The part won Roberts an Academy Award, many other awards, and the actual Erin Brockovich-Ellis' approval.

In a fun cameo, Brockovich-Ellis plays a waitress that tends to Roberts' character, who's coyly named Julia.

10 She Breaks The Fourth Wall In A Major Way On Ocean's Twelve

Steven Soderbergh has built a very entertaining trilogy with his three films. The second entry, , is the weirdest movie in many ways. One huge gamble that the film takes is a major plot point that revolves around Julia Roberts. Roberts plays a character in the films, but the movie states that Julia Roberts also exists as an actress. A huge twist involves Roberts' character having to pretend to be Julia Roberts because she looks just like her.

It's ridiculous, but a very creative idea that Roberts supported.

9 The Iconic Necklace Scene In Pretty Woman Was Improvised

is a romantic comedy that's full of many memorable moments, but arguably the biggest one is when Richard Gere's Edward teases Julia Roberts' Vivian by showing her a necklace, only to snap the case down on her. Gere's choice to suddenly close it, as well as Roberts' uproarious laughter, was all spur of the moment.

8 Roberts Had Strict Conditions Over Eat Pray Love

takes an iconic book and turns it into a memorable movie, largely thanks to Roberts' committed performance in the role. The movie takes Roberts outside of America and while she was willing to shoot the film on location, she did have certain conditions. In order for Roberts to shoot the scenes in Bali, she required that the producers would also allow for her family to join her there during her time, reports the .

7 Roberts And Natalie Portman Exchanged Foul-Mouthed Gifts On Closer

is an absolutely emotionally draining film that explores the most difficult aspects of love and fidelity.

Mike Nichols’ powerful film is full of strong, raw dialogue and so to celebrate this, Natalie Portman gifted Julia Roberts with a necklace sporting a filthy message at the start of production. When filming finished, Roberts reciprocated the gesture by giving Portman her own.

6 The Jewelry In Pretty Woman Required An Armed Security Guard Present

A big point of is the extravagant wealth that's shown off to Roberts' Vivian as she's let into this new class of life. Marshall reveals on the film’s audio commentary that the fancy necklace that she wears to the opera actually cost $250,000 in real life and during filming with it, there was an armed security guard from the jewelry store present at all times.

5 Roberts' Platypus Face In Runaway Bride Comes From Real Life

A very cute and human moment that comes out of Julia Roberts' character in is the weird and silly "platypus face" that she does. Marshall claims that this act wasn't scripted and that he only added it to the film after he watched Roberts making the face, much to his grandchildren's delight.

4 Roberts Broke Out Into Hives And More During Pretty Woman's Love Scene

features one of the best love stories from Julia Roberts' career, but it was also one of her biggest roles and she was very nervous about being intimate with Richard Gere.

When it came time to their romantic scenes, Roberts' nervousness resulted in her and have a vein pop out on her forehead out of anxiety. Director Garry Marshall was able to eventually get her to calm down.

3 Footage Of Roberts Is Re-Used In Notting Hill

is another one of Julia Roberts' films where she places a famous character that intentionally hits very close to home. Richard Curtis' goes one step further in this department and the shots of Roberts' character during the opening credits were actually old shots of Roberts from


2 Roberts And Gere Created Unusable Noise During Their Pretty Woman Piano Duet

Another cute moment of bonding between Roberts' and Gere's characters in is a scene where the two of them get intimate on top of a piano and the sound of the keys is heard. The noise created by these random keys was so unpleasant and unusable that director Garry Marshall has to redub the noise later to compensate, according to the film's audio commentary.

1 Erin Brockovich And Roberts Made History

Julia Roberts has always been a very popular actress, both critically and commercially. This has led to a steadily increasing price tag on her projects and was a particularly big deal because it marked not only the first time that Roberts had been paid $20 million for a role, but the first time that actress had passed that financial milestone.

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