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Emma Roberts’ Net Worth Has Soared To $25 Million, But How Has Julia Roberts’ Niece Amassed Her Fortune?


Emma Roberts got her start in Hollywood at a young age, auditioning for and landing roles that propelled her to become a sought-after actress.Roberts has had success in both TV and film, with notable roles in shows like "American Horror Story" and movies such as "Nancy Drew."In addition to her acting career, Roberts has also earned income through endorsement deals and commercial work, making her a lucrative and in-demand talent.

Having spent a great amount of time watching her aunt, , on movie sets, it wasn’t all that shocking to see pursue a career in Hollywood before she even reached her teenage years.

After all, her family is filled with filmmakers, actors, and screenwriters.

Roberts auditioned to play Johnny Depp’s daughter Kristina in the drama motion picture at the age of nine. She got the part, which would soon propel her to becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. Roberts fronted her own Nickelodeon show, , and worked with Ryan Murphy on multiple projects, including his wildly popular franchise.

It’s believed that Roberts, who once , has a net worth is $25 million, but how has the 32-year-old amassed her fortune? Here’s the lowdown.

Emma Robert’s Early Days

While it’s unclear how much she made starring alongside Johnny Depp in 2001’s , considering that this was her big-screen debut, the opportunity to appear opposite the A-list star would have certainly given Roberts a boost to jumpstart her career and land further roles, all of which may have started by

"You’d have to drag me off set. Like, I would go and visit, and my mom would be like, 'Aren’t you bored? Don’t you want to leave?’' And I’m like, 'No, I’m working in hair and makeup now.’'And my mom would be like, ‘You’re seven.’”

She went on to star in two low-budget movies, and, before landing her next major role right after turning 13.

This was when Nickelodeon cast her as Addie Singer in the sitcom , which ran from 2004 to 2007.

The show attracted millions of viewers, running for three seasons and landing Roberts an opportunity to give singing a try. Under Columbia and Nick Records, she released a soundtrack and debut album for the show in 2005, titled , which included the singles and

By 2006, Roberts was back on the big screen when she played Claire in the Elizabeth Rosenbaum-directed with pop singer JoJo and Sara Paxton.

She signed on for another feature film,

, which gained her plenty of positive reviews as the motion picture’s lead star - and it certainly seemed as if remaining on the big screen was something Watson wanted to continue sticking to.

In 2007, came to an end and she focused her full attention on booking movie roles and less TV work.

The following year, she was hired to voice the character of Wilma in 2008’s , which was practically her voiceover debut, but still a feature film nonetheless.

Emma Roberts' Endorsement Deals

It also wasn’t until her adult years that the endorsement deals started pouring in, with skincare company Neutrogena being one of the

star’s first major endorsements, which included multiple TV ads for the firm.

She has also featured in commercials for the likes of BOSS, Aerie Real, Fiat, and Verb, just to name a few.

At this point, Roberts had proven herself to be an acting threat being able to sing, act, and take on voiceover roles. There was little to no doubt that the best was yet to come for the blonde beauty.

Doing commercial work can be very lucrative depending on the deal, and though her salary was never disclosed for these projects, considering that she’s quite literally always has a commercial on TV, we’d say she’s not only in high demand but is also earning a substantial amount from the many TV ads she’s done over the years.

Emma Roberts Becomes A Regular On American Horror Story

In late 2013, for its third series, which was somewhat considered a TV comeback. But what was supposed to be a short stint on the show turned into Roberts becoming a regular and a regular that fans loved.

Roberts starred in When Roberts took a hiatus from , fans were not sure if she would be coming back or not. But, be it a , Roberts returned for Season 12, , which also has appearances by Kim Kardashian.

With Season 13 being confirmed, whether Roberts will be returning for yet another season remains to be seen.

But if fans had their way, they would love to see Roberts return to the small screen for the series again.

Emma Roberts' Recent Roles

Some of Roberts' most notable work since becoming a regular on include:


Wedgehead (voice)


Nikki Angioli




Rebekah Fuller




Casey Mathis

She also had a cameo in Drake’s 2018 music video for his hit single

Roberts has even made a foray into the Christmas genre with her film with Kristin Chenoweth and Frances Fisher.

As a result of both the COVID pandemic and the SAG-AFTRA strike, some of Roberts' projects have been put on hold or have been in various stages of production waiting to be worked on or released. Hopefully, with seven projects completed or close to, 2024 and 2025 will prove to be the years that the films are released. Not only will this be more exposure for Roberts but money for the studios and should she prove to give performances that create a box office success, Roberts' net worth will only continue to grow.

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