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“You’d laugh and die”: Julia Roberts Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want to be Stranded With George Clooney, Picks Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks Instead

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hollywood legend Julia Roberts played a rousing round of Burning Questions, during which she discussed her feelings about being stranded on an island with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Tom Hanks.

Roberts, known for her contagious charm and quick wit, gave fans a glimpse into her unique relationships with each actor by providing insightful and humorous explanations for her selections. Roberts displayed her witty banter and highlighted the intriguing dynamics between these Hollywood heavyweights as they discussed everything from survival skills to companionship and laughter.

One of Roberts' considerations in her selection was her Cast Away co-star, Tom Hanks. Roberts couldn't help but connect Hanks' real-life experience and his Oscar-nominated performance as a man stranded on an island for years.

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In Cast Away, Hanks played a survivor, showcasing his acting chops by capturing the film's essence of isolation and resiliency. Given his extensive acting career, Hanks is an intriguing choice for Roberts because he undoubtedly brings valuable survival skills and insights.

Roberts looked to Pitt, her co-star in Ocean's Eleven, for support and encouragement. Roberts praised Pitt's charisma, saying he can bring togetherness and optimism to any setting. Pitt's positive attitude and boundless energy would brighten the mood on the island and make everyone's time there more enjoyable.

Roberts added some humor by joking that she and her Ocean's Eleven co-star George Clooney would be stranded together.

"Well, you would just laugh and get super sunburned and then you'd laugh and die."

The chemistry and friendship between the two actors are strong, as Roberts points out. Clooney's hilarious personality and ability to make anyone laugh make for a fun and carefree time. Even though it was a joke, it showed how much Roberts and Clooney enjoy each other's company and make each other laugh.

During a lighter moment in the show, host Ellen DeGeneres jokingly inquired about where Roberts keeps her Academy Award. Roberts cracked a joke as she replied, "The parlor." She quickly corrected herself, saying that the prize was kept in a piano room where her daughter regularly practiced.

"Here's what funny about that answer. It's in a room that has a piano in it that my daughter plays and we call it the piano room. And I thought that might sound pretentious, so I said 'parlor.'"

Roberts' response showed that she wanted to appear approachable while highlighting the award's significance. Roberts's ability to laugh at herself and her achievements was fully displayed in that remark.

Roberts' ability to find humor and lightheartedness in unexpected places has endeared him to fans worldwide. Fans of all ages continue to be enamored with Julia Roberts because of the effortless combination of her talent, charm, and genuine spirit.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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