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Drew Barrymore, 48, experiences her first-ever hot flash on her show with long-time friend Jennifer Aniston: 'I'm so glad I have this moment documented'

Drew Barrymore experienced her first hot flash while taping her show with Jennifer Aniston by her side.

The 48-year-old actress was filming her hit show, The Drew Barrymore Show, with Jennifer, 54, and Adam Sandler, 56, as her guests when she began heavily sweating.

'Well, I'm so glad I have this moment documented,' Barrymore shared.

The Ever After star has consistently been open about menopause both in the media and on her show.

'I am so hot, I think I'm having my first perimenopause hot flashes,' she said as she took off her blazer and fanned herself.

Hot flash: Drew Barrymore experienced her first hot flash while taping her show

Among friends: Her long-time friend Jennifer Aniston was by her side 

'For the first time, I think I'm having my first hot flash. Whoa!' to which Aniston replied, 'Oh, I feel so honored.'

'I'm so sorry, do you feel this?' Barrymore asked before Aniston expressed that it's internal heat. 'Or maybe I'm just that excited.'

Aniston then quipped, 'I think you're just that excited,' as Sandler reached over and grabbed Drew's hand to see if she felt warm.

'It's a warm hand. Yeah, you got a hot hand,' Sandler exclaimed, to which Barrymore responded, 'That's good, 'cause if it was cold... that would be worrisome.'

Later on, Sandler mentioned that perimenopause is supposed to come with angry mood swings, 'Maybe you can bring that out soon, too?'

The Blended actress met his joke by staring angrily at him, which prompted her former co-star to shout, 'Here it is!'

The Charlie's Angels actress then explained both to the audience and to her shocked guests, who happened to be two of her close friends in the business, that she recently spoke on a panel about menopause.

She also mentioned how crazy it was for her to actually be having a hot flash while on TV.

Honored: 'Oh, I feel so honored,' Aniston said about being there with Barrymore

Hot hands: Adam Sandler reached over to see if Barrymore's hand was warm 

Getting warm: 'For the first time, I think I'm having my first hot flash. Whoa!'

Internal heat: 'Well, I'm so glad I have this moment documented'

Shedding some layers: Aniston and Sandler were on the show to promote their new film, Murder Mystery 2

Reunited: The pair arrived at the premiere of the film in LA on Tuesday

The sequel: They appeared in the first Murder Mystery film together in 2019

Solving mysteries: The second installment is set to release on Netflix on March 31

Drew joked about the moment on her personal Instagram account, which boasts 16.9M followers.

The mom-of-two shared the clip from the show and captioned the post: 'I either had my first perimenopause hot flash or got really excited to see @jenniferaniston and @adamsandler! Maybe both?'

Jennifer and Adam made their guest appearance on Drew's show as part of the press tour for their upcoming Netflix film, Murder Mystery 2.

According to IMDb, the premise is: 'Full-time detectives Nick and Audrey are struggling to get their private eye agency off the ground. They find themselves at the center of international abduction when their friend Maharaja is kidnapped at his own lavish wedding.'

The first film, titled Murder Mystery, released in 2019, which followed them as the same characters: 'A New York cop and his wife on a European vacation to reinvigorate the spark in their marriage, but they end up getting framed and on the run for the death of an elderly billionaire.'

All three actors, Aniston, Sandler, and Barrymore, have worked together in the industry for the majority of their respective careers, having all co-starred together multiple times, but not all together.

Most famously, Barrymore and Sandler were in the classic romantic comedies, The Wedding Singer in 1998, 50 First Dates in 2004, and Blended in 2014.

Sandler and Aniston starred in both Murder Mystery films as husband and wife and in the rom-com Just Go with It in 2011. The ladies were in the 2011 ensemble rom-com He's Just Not That Into You together, however, their characters didn't interact in the film.

Back in the day: All three actors, Aniston, Sandler, and Barrymore, have worked together in the industry for the majority of their respective careers; Barrymore and Sandler in The Wedding Singer in 1998

Rom-com lovers: They also starred together in the romantic comedy, 50 First Dates, in 2004

Always together: Most recently the stars were in another rom-com, Blended, in 2014

More crossovers: Aniston and Sandler teamed up for a rom-com back in 2011 called Just Go with It

Last week, Barrymore sat down with Gayle King for People and spoke about their personal experiences with perimenopause, which refers to the time when the body starts to make its natural transition to menopause, which marks the end of a woman's reproductive years.

'I realized that I was in perimenopause when I started having my period every two weeks,' Barrymore explained during the Facing Fertility series on CBS Mornings. 'One doctor also just told me this could last, in the worst case scenario, 10 years. And I was like, I will never make it 10 years like this!'

She also mentioned: 'I'm just glad we're even having this conversation because I had heard of menopause, but I had never even heard of the phrase perimenopause until I went to the doctors.' Barrymore added that she never experienced hot flashes before, and it's difficult to discuss menopause, even with doctors, because it's often associated with being old.

The star said the stigma will end as people see 'more women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are looking so attractive, feeling so vibrant, living their best lives. The way menopause has been branded is, "You're old, you're done." That's not it.'

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