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Jim Parsons Completely Disagreed With Hollywood After His Career Was Compared To Daniel Radcliffe's

It might seem like a strange comparison at first, but digging a little deeper, it does make a lot of sense. Both Daniel Radcliffe and Jim Parsons thrived in their different roles, so much so that fans had a hard time seeing them elsewhere, without being labeled as Sheldon Cooper or Harry Potter.

In the following, we're going to reveal Radcliffe's thoughts on the franchise, and whether or not he avoids speaking about it. As for Jim Parsons, he was asked about the comparison to Radcliffe's career, but the actor made sure to mention that he doesn't believe the two were involved in similar circumstances, especially given when the success came.

For Parsons, it took time to reach that type of level, and he showed lots of gratitude for it. Though this doesn't mean that he wasn't ready to end The Big Bang Theory, it was quite the opposite as the actor played a crucial role in stopping the hit sitcom after 12 seasons.

Daniel Radcliffe Was Eager To Move On From The Harry Potter Spotlight Once The Films Came To An End

As expected, Daniel Radcliffe was eager to move on from the Harry Potter franchise. The general feeling in Hollywood was that Radcliffe felt trapped in the role, and wanted to take things in a different direction, completely unrelated to his success with the franchise.

He's keen on his stance today, and isn't looking to revive the franchise either. However, Radcliffe won't avoid speaking about Harry Potter. The actor realizes this would be harsh given the positive time he spent on the set.

"Yeah, exactly. That's why – if I was to stop talking about Potter, I'd have to stop talking about 10 amazing years of my life that I loved. And all the people on it that I knew. So, I genuinely don't have a problem with talking about it. I just like being able to do other stuff now and that it's not my day-to-day anymore."

During his interview alongside Big Issue, it was proposed that Jim felt the same way about Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, given how he excelled in the role. However, Parsons was quick to point out that this wasn't the case, especially from his own standpoint.

Jim Parsons Revealed He Didn't Feel Trapped As Sheldon On The Big Bang Theory, Unlike Daniel Radcliffe

On the surface, it does seem like a legitimate comparison. Similar to Radcliffe, Parsons spent years in the same role, and it was hard for fans to picture the actor doing anything else. However, Parsons looks back at the opportunity with fond memories, especially given that TV gave him his big break. A major difference was that it took Jim time to find that career-changing role, unlike Radcliffe who hit stardom at a young age.

Parsons reveals along Big Issue, "It is a major difference, for me at least. I feel a severe sense of gratitude toward the TV show. It doesn't overly concern me either way because it's led me to such a happy, happy place in my life. I'm pretty at peace with whatever happens. I get to do what I love and I have people around me who love me."

He continues, "I feel so happy," he repeats. "I hope that doesn't sound irritating."

Still, once it came time to end the series, Jim Parsons was more than ready to move on.

Jim Parsons Felt As Though It Was The Perfect Time To End The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons was a major reason as to why The Big Bang Theory came to an end. Contracts weren't signed passed season 12, but it was assumed to stars would return for season 13, at least. Jim's decision was still a major bombshell for the cast to deal with, especially Kaley Cuoco who instantly broke down.

As for Parsons and his emotions, it didn't make things any easier. Speaking alongside USA Today, Jim revealed that it was still hard to let go, but he knew it was time.

"It's different for everybody. It was time for me and I felt that. It's both simple and complicated. I don't have a diary that I could bring out and say, 'Here are the reasons as far as quote-unquote future plans in a concrete way or (that I had) a problem with coming here.' None of those things were true," he says. "I felt it was the right moment for me. But, it only helps so much to go through the end of something like this feeling you've made the right choice. It's still exceedingly emotional."

Since the series came to an end in 2019, the actor has tried out different things, including the role of Michael Ausiello in Spoiler Alert. He's also still a major part of Young Sheldon.

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