Lisa Kudrow Had This Very Bad Habit Behind The Scenes On Friends


Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe Buffay, was a comedic goldmine on Friends, with audiences laughing at every scene.Behind the scenes, Kudrow was known for having a potty mouth and swearing frequently, as confirmed by bloopers and a curse-off with Jennifer Aniston.Kudrow chose not to watch Friends while it aired due to her busy life as a working mother, making her unaware of the focus and layout of each episode.

Throughout the many seasons of the top-rated television series, fans everywhere got to know the , played by actress . Many episodes had audiences in stitches; from the musical performances of her top song Smelly Cat to being a surrogate for another couple, the misadventures of Phoebe are comedic gold.

When Lisa Kudrow's former cast mates talk about their experience being on set with her, the conversation often drifts to a bad habit that the actress routinely had on display for all to experience. What was this routine behavior that so many of her former colleagues can recall about Kudrow, and is the memory one that comes with fondness or disdain?

Lisa Kudrow's Friends Character Had Quite A Reputation

Each of the Friends characters had their own set of likable characteristics.

Whether it was Joey and his naïveté, Monica and her neurotic tendencies, or Rachel and her drama, fans could easily identify with one or more of them. However, , who had audiences laughing with every scene.

While all of the characters were the best of friends, they all seemed to have very different personality traits. This differentiation left many to wonder how a friend group like that would be so close if it were real life.

Throughout the show, viewers see the various characters contributing to the scene in unique but realistic ways, such as when Phoebe Buffay tells off an elderly woman while pregnant as a surrogate when Rachel is going to show up at Emily's wedding.

Behind The Scenes, Lisa Kudrow Had A Potty Mouth

One thing that all of her co-stars can testify to is that Lisa Kudrow held the role of the actress on set with the biggest potty mouth. that can confirm this speculation, and it was something that everyone knew about the star and her personality.

While the bad habit doesn't seem to be a source of contention between the cast and set workers, it has gone down in infamy. In recent years, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston had a "Celebrity Curse Off" on

. For a period of five minutes, the actresses threw every swear word they could muster at each other.

Oddly enough, if the Friends series was allowed to incorporate the level of swearing that Lisa Kudrow enjoyed on a daily basis, many fans believe that it's highly likely that Phoebe Buffay would also have that characteristic.

Through the and other issues that would arise while on the set, everyone was privy to the vast and foul reactionary vocabulary of Lisa Kudrow.

Lisa Kudrow Was Quite The Character, But She Says She Doesn't Remember Filming

When it comes to watching their own work, many actors choose not to see the end result. Lisa Kudrow is one of those people who as they aired. To her credit on this particular matter, the actress states that she gave birth to a child while on the show and was busy being a working mother.

With the extra responsibility of parenthood and social obligations related to her role on the show, she didn't have the time to sit down and watch the program. Additionally, the show aired prior to the introduction of recording technology like DVR, making it even more challenging to stay up to date on the episodes.

Because she didn't watch the episodes, Lisa Kudrow was often unaware of what comprised the focus of each episode. Along with Courtney Cox, the two would film whatever scenes they were given for the day and go home. The next day, they would return to fulfill the same job.

The two actresses were never fully aware of what scenes worked alongside one another and the overarching plot of the specific episodes. Compared to their co-stars who watched the episodes as they aired, Kudrow and Cox were mainly in the dark about the show's layout and only concerned themselves with doing their job in the best possible way.

Since the wrap of the iconic series, the entire cast has gone on to participate in . Many have started or grown their families and taken a step back from the limelight, while others continue to turn out blockbuster hits several years later. As for Lisa Kudrow, the child born during the show, has now grown into an adult, and she has gone on to star in other shows through guest roles and regular appearances.

Although her past Friends co-stars will forever remember Lisa Kudrow for the bad habit she depicted on set, the world will always remember her for her work as the lovable and memorable Phoebe Buffay.

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