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“At this age, I’ll take anything”: Justice League Actor Billy Crudup Had a Mid-Life Crisis Before Being Saved By Jennifer Aniston’s Apple TV Show

Billy Crudup has had a fairly successful career in Hollywood with a very memorable early lead performance in . He has starred as a supporting character in many big films such as Almost Famous, Big Fish, Mission: Impossible III, Watchmen, Public Enemies, he Stanford Prison Experiment, Jackie, and Alien: Covenant. He also played Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen in J. He is currently starring as Cory Ellison in the hit Apple TV+ series , which has rejuvenated his career and put him on people’s radar as being a capable and convincing actor who can portray intense roles.

Crudup has time and again expressed his awareness of not being an A-lister in the industry. He has maintained a rather stable and decent career in the industry even though the roles that he wanted to do did not come often to him. But all that changed with his inclusion in where he really got to sink into the skin of his character.

Bill Crudup Had a Mid-Life Crisis Regarding The Future of Cinema During The Pandemic

recently talked about his career in Hollywood and his recent major role in Jennifer Aniston’s The actor talked about how today is the best time to be an actor in the industry and suffering a mid-life crisis during the pandemic about the future of cinemas. He told ,

“Listen, at this age, I’ll take anything. Life is hard for everyone. Even if you’re born in the gilded castle, the experience of living – as far as I can tell, because I haven’t encountered many people who haven’t had this experience – is filled with grief, confusion, unpredictability, and all of those things are destabilizing for the human psyche. Life is not an easy place to be, for everybody.” Including, he says – with perhaps more empathy than is usually afforded – for rich, white, heterosexual males. Communal living is a part of the fabric of how we navigate going to the grocery store – it is not the isolation of getting in your car. We thrive in crowds, in close interaction, and that’s suffering right now, which makes a lot of people in New York feel divorced from their sense of self. I don’t have much confidence in anything at the moment, but I do believe that people are going to find ways to continue to commune, even if they’re impossible to imagine right now. And I certainly hope to be a part of it.”

For Crudup, has kept him going as an actor and has rejuvenated his love for the art form. He has received many accolades for his performance as Cory Ellison including winning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2020.

Billy Crudup Recently Got Married to Naomi Watts

Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts were both linked as a couple way back in 2017. Wedding rumors began to circulate in 2023 and Watts confirmed their marriage in an post, with a simple caption, The post included a photo involving both the newlyweds and receiving a lot of love from fans and other celebrities.

Crudup is currently starring in the third season of , where the episodes are released weekly on Apple TV+. He starred in another Apple TV+ series called Hello Tomorrow! which ran for 10 episodes in the first half of 2023.

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