'Friends': What Rachel Green's Exes Look Like Today

Rachel Green was one of the best things about . From her trendy fashion outfits to her , there was always something going on with Rachel. Actress plays Green, who, unlike her friends Monica and Phoebe, had no problem scoring dates with handsome young men. From Paolo - the Italian who didn’t speak English, to Tommy, ‘the screamer,’ she’s dated some odd people during ’ ten-season run.

Rachel has brought some exciting men to meet her friends on the show. While most of these relationships ended in breakups, she maintained an on-and-off relationship with Monica’s brother, Ross. Despite the pain and laughter, Green’s exes caused her, the actors who portrayed them were the best thing about the show.

The show would cast sexy actors like Ben Stiller and Delmort Mulroney to play Rachel’s love interests. So, how do Rachel Green’s exes from look like today, almost twenty years after the show?

11 Rachel Green's Boyfriends Paul Stevens Played By Bruce Willis

took on the role of one of Green’s boyfriends, Paul Stevens. The star guest starred in season 6 of as the father to Elizabeth - a college student Ross was dating. Paula and Rachel have a cute relationship for a short period, but Rachel dumps him after he has a mental breakdown, which she triggers.

Though he played Rachel’s lover in a few episodes, Willis and Aniston didn’t kiss once.

The actor said he didn’t want to because kissing his friend’s wife would be disrespectful. Willis and Pitt are good friends, and at the time, Aniston was still married to him. These days, the 68-year-old actor spends his time at home with his wife, Emma Heming Willis. He retired from acting after being.

10 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Tag Jones Played By Eddie Cahill

Actor Eddie Cahill played Tag Jones, another of Rachel’s love interests and work assistant.

Undeniably, he is one of Rachel’s hottest exes, though things don’t work out with him because he is too young for Rachel. She felt he was too immature and dumped him on her 30th birthday. After Cahill appeared on other shows such as , and He still looks as good almost two decades later.

9 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Joey Tribbiani Played By Matt LeBlanc

Everyone wanted Rachel and Joey to end up together because something about their relationship was beautiful and made sense in all the ways that mattered.

Joey was a great friend and a better boyfriend to Rachel, who made her happy. However, their relationship was brief and ended after the two decided they just weren’t compatible with each other.

Joey actor Matt LeBlanc is aging gracefully as he enjoys his massive He recently starred in the CBS show which concluded in 2020 after four seasons.

8 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Tommy Played By Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller appeared during the episode ‘The One with the Screamer’ Ben plays Tommy, one of Rachel’s funniest exes, because Tommy kept screaming at the slightest provocations.

The Emmy Award-winning actor starred in blockbuster comedy films like and

Stiller’s acting has taken a back seat to his career behind the scenes as a producer and filmmaker. He’s produced Apple TV+ and 2016’s starring James Franco. In addition, will be starring in the series adaptation of the documentary

7 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Danny Played By George Newbern

Danny, or as Rachel described him, ‘crazy-eyed hairy beast man’, was one of her most memorable boyfriends and not for good reasons.

His long trek in the Andes left him unkempt and hairy, thus the nickname. George Newbern plays Danny, a guy with no boundaries regarding his relationship with his sister, Krista.

When Rachel discovers the two siblings still take baths together, she quickly dumps him. Newbern is still as cute today and is most known for his role as Charlie in the Shonda Rhimes hit

6 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Ross Geller Played By David Schwimmer

Out of all Rachel’s exes, Ross was the one she had the most history with, so it made sense when they ended up together.

Ross’s crush on Rachel didn’t make their relationship any easier than her previous relationships. It made it more complicated. They broke up and reunited multiple times, even getting married and divorced before ending up together.

is still acting and received rave reviews for his portrayal of Robert Kardashian in He also recently starred in Peacock’s comedy looking just as charming as he did on .

5 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Joshua Burgin Played By Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan was Jennifer Aniston’s ex-boyfriend on the show and in real life.

He played a wealthy businessman named Joshua for six episodes before their relationship ended. Donovan told that he and Jennifer were when he appeared on . So, acting like they were falling in love on set was extremely difficult for him.

Donovan is a well known actor over 100 acting credits and remains booked and busy since his stint as Rachel’s ex. His most recent role was as Chris Evans’ father in the 2023 Apple Original film alongside Ana de Armas.

4 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Paolo Played By Cosimo Fusco

Rachel’s dreamiest ex-boyfriend, , was the best match for her even though he could hardly speak English. His sexy accent and good looks beside Rachel made them an attractive couple. Despite being good-looking, Paolo was a cheater and even tried hitting on Phoebe, so he wasn’t the best boyfriend Rachael has ever dated. After Fusco appeared in and 2021’s

3 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Gavin Mitchell Played By Dermot Mulroney

Another incredibly gorgeous man who played one of Rachel’s ex-boyfriends was Dermot Mulroney.

He plays the romantic Gavin, who everyone thought would end up with Rachel. However, it doesn’t work out because Rachel still has feelings for Ross and reunites with him.

Mulroney has a successful acting career, appearing in and . He recently made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut during Marvel’s as the President of the United States.

2 Rachel Green's Date Kash Played By Johnny Messner

Johnny Messner plays Kash, one of Joey’s cast mates from who meets Rachel when she visits the set.

The two go on a date that ends early after Rachel reveals she’s pregnant. Though they only dated for one episode, Kash was worth mentioning in this list because Rachel was a big fan. Actor Johnny Messner still looks as hot as in the 2000s series.

1 Rachel Green's Boyfriend Barry Farber Played By Mitchell Whitfield

Rachel Green and Barry Farber would have gotten married, but she stood him up at the altar. Despite initially regretting her actions, Rachel soon finds out she made the right choice. Barry had been sleeping with her friend, Mindy, for months and even cheated on her with Rachel before they wed. He was definitely one of Rachel's worst exes.

The actor who played Barry, Mitchell Whitfield admitted his intimate scenes with Aniston were awkward. In recent years, he has lent his voice to animated shows like and

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