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Julia Roberts Feels 'Cringed' By Friends' 'Chandler' Matthew Perry's Romantic Confessions In His Book, Reports State She's "Embarrassed & Disappointed"

Hollywood diva Julia Roberts needs no special mention. Her acting skills, and her hit movies are enough to tell us who she is. Julia is known for her versatile acting mettle, however, the actress had met with Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing, on the sets of Friends, and as per reports, they had a fling for a short period of time. Matthew has shared their fiery "3-month relationship" in detail in his memoir and now, Julia has reacted in the same. Scroll below to get the scoop.

In Perry's book, Friends, Lovers, and The Big Terrible Thing, he revealed that Julia and his relationship began after she was cast in one of the episodes of Friends as Susie Moss in 1995.

Now, a close source to Julia Roberts shared how the actress felt after reading about Matthew's confessions in his book Friends, Lovers, and The Big Terrible Thing. The source revealed to Closer magazine, "Julia is embarrassed and disappointed that Matthew has detailed their fling. It smacks of Matthew looking for glam soundbites to fill his book and that's not how Julia rolls."

Julia Roberts is now married to Daniel Moder and is a mother to three children. The insider further claimed, "She's very old school about her privacy – you never see her kiss and tell about her exes. It made her cringe."

The source further explained that Julia Roberts is very happy to know that Matthew is now healthy and sober. The insider added, "She knows how badly he struggled and applauds that he's shown the courage to get help and encourage others to learn from his own cautionary tale. Julia just wishes he hadn't dragged her into his life story."

On the other hand, Matthew wrote a very detailed version of their short-term relationship. As per his book, when Matthew learned from the producers that Julia had accepted the role if only Chandler's character gets involved, he had sent her three dozen red flowers. Then following a five-hour long phone call, Julia turned up at his door, and their relationship began, which lasted only for 3 months.

Matthew Perry further recorded that he had dumped Julia Roberts as he was "certain she was going to break up with [him]".

Well, what are your thoughts about Julia Roberts' reaction to Matthew's confessions in his memoir? Let us know!

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