A Scene With David Schwimmer And Jennifer Aniston On Friends Turned Into A Nightmare For Matt LeBlanc

Throughout its 10 season run, had so many iconic episodes. One in particular takes place during season 6, and it shows the cast of friends eating a dessert prepared by Rachel. The outcome was truly hilarious but as we'll reveal, things also got pretty gross behind the scenes. was the unfortunate cast member on the wrong side of things, and it turned out to be a moment he'll want to forget about...

As it turns out, this wasn't the only scene LeBlanc wants to forget about alongside Schwimmer and Aniston. LeBlanc was completely against a certain storyline, and the same held true for the cast and fans.

We'll take a look back at that story, and why the creators decided to do it regardless of the reaction from the cast.

The Idea For The Trifle Storyline Came About After The Writers On Friends Made A Mistake Behind The Scenes

Back in season 6, the trifle storyline turned into one of the most iconic moments in history. Who can forget it, Rachel finally gets her big break and is allowed to make a dessert. However, the outcome is a complete nightmare, as she accidentally adds meat to it.

The moment became iconic on the show, particularly Ross' reaction and the, "it taste like feet" line.

Despite the success of the scene, it was almost scrapped given how outrageous it all was. In addition, behind the scenes among the writers.

Writer Greg Malins tell , “We were like, ‘Doesn’t a trifle have meat in it?’ We’re like, ‘No, it’s got pudding in it.’ You have to understand back then there’s no internet, and there weren’t a lot of cooking shows on TV."

“There’s no way I can write this so that it’s believable. All credit to this, and everything else in life, goes to the cast. Because we could write the craziest s— and then they could make it believable every time.

Joey's reaction during the scene was also fantastic, showing appreciation for the flawed recipe. However, in truth, he was feeling quite different behind the scenes...

Matt LeBlanc's Scene With Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Turned Into A Nightmare After He Ate A Trifle Piece Schwimmer Had Spit Out

Speaking alongside Graham Norton, Matt LeBlanc looked back on the iconic trifle scene. Although LeBlanc would also reveal that it was an iconic moment for the show, things weren't as positive during his scene alongside Aniston and Schwimmer. According to the actor, . Poor LeBlanc didn't see this and during the next scene, went after Schwimmer's piece.

He recalls, “There was too much on his plate," LeBlanc recalled. "So he starts to eat it all and he can't finish it and he starts laughing, so we cut. As we’re cutting, he kind of spits it back on his plate. I’m sitting right next to him, and I’m looking the other way. I didn’t see him spit it back on his plate."

"I scrape some on my plate," the actor continued. "And I go, 'Here, let's go again.' And we go again. And I'm eating it and we finished the take. No one says anything to me."

LeBlanc finally realized the moment when he watched the bloopers for the season. At that point, it was far too late.

.. At the very least, he provided fans with a memorable moment and reaction.

It Wasn't The First Time Matt LeBlanc Hated A Scene With David Schwimmer And Jennifer Aniston

During the final seasons, took on quite the plot twist as Joey started developing feelings for Rachel. Later, fans actually see the two date. This storyline was not only hated by the fans, but it seems like the same held true for the cast. Matt LeBlanc in particular didn't believe this matched Joey's character.

David Crane discussed the moment, .

"In Season Eight or Nine we had Joey fall for Rachel, and that scared everybody," David Crane told Vanity Fair. "She was pregnant. The actors freaked out. Matt [LeBlanc] kept saying, 'It’s wrong. It’s like I want to be with my sister.' We said, 'Yes, it’s absolutely wrong. That’s why we have to do it.' You can’t just keep spinning the same plates. You have to go places where you’re not expected to go."

Looking back, this will always be a storyline fans did not appreciate, and it turned out to be very risky. However, fans are thankful that at the very end of it all, everything goes back to normal between the three, while Ross and Rachel finally get back together during the final episode.

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