Here's Why Kunal Nayyar Has A Hard Time Talking To His 'Big Bang Theory' Co-Stars Today

Were fans ready to see 'Big Bang Theory' end? That is up for debate, we know Kalye Cuoco wasn't ready, but nonetheless, the cast has gone on to great things, like Kunal Nayyar. However, he'll forever be remembered for his role as Raj on 'Big Bang'.

Saying goodbye wasn't easy for the actor and creatively as well, he wishes things would've gone differently. Nonetheless, given all that emotion, he revealed that talking to the rest of the cast is still hard today. Let's find out what he had to say.

Why Does Kunal Nayyar Have A Hard Time Making Small Talk With The Rest Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Cast?

At the start, not even the cast itself could've predicted what the show would go on to become. It started on CBS in 2007, and would run for over a decade up until 2019. In truth, the show could've lasted longer than 12 seasons, but some of the cast, particularly Jim Parsons had decided it was time wrap up.

Jim Parsons decided it was time for the show to end during the summer after season 11 came to an end.

The decision wasn't an easy one to digest for the cast, especially for the likes of Kunal Nayyar. He spoke about his final day on the show alongside People and as expected, getting through it was not easy.

"The last scene we were shooting, they added a joke, and I said it and I thought I would get another chance at it because we shoot most takes twice. But no, I got it and they said, 'All right, moving on.' And then that was the last words I was going to say as my character."

"As I was walking up to my trailer, with every step the realization that those were the last words I would ever say as Raj began to really sink in," he said. "I cried. I cried a lot."

These days, thinking about his time on the sitcom, Nayyar would admit that it still isn't easy, especially when he talks to his co-stars.

Kunal Nayyar Revealed That The Conversations Usually Follow A Certain Tone

Kunal Nayyar appeared on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', alongside the replacement host for the day, Derek Hough.

It was during the interview that Kunal shared a surprising bit of information. Hough would ask his guest, "Have you missed being a part of that?"

Nayyar would say, "It is so difficult to put into words. That was my entire life for almost 13 years. Slowly I'm beginning to process what it was."

"Even when I talk to the castmates it is hard to make small talk. Cause so much happened, every time we see each other we almost end up crying cause we don't know how to express that emotion.


Kaley Cuoco would also reveal that she's frequently in contact with the rest of 'The Big Bang Theory' cast.

Not only did fans love the response, but they had nothing but good things to say about the interview, especially given how genuine Kunal comes off as.

"I love how he never puts on a fake American accent. He is the most genuine Indian guy who lives in the US, and he doesn't put an extra effort, he's like understand me if you want, I'm gonna speak just like this."

"I love this interview with Kunal! What a great, good, amazing, kind-hearted man."

A great interview which just goes to show how much emotional he felt during his time on the popular sitcom.

Kunal Nayyar Wasn't Ready For The End Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

On a personal level, Nayyar wasn't ready to say goodbye. However, given the longevity of the show, he did realize that it was time. Nonetheless, it didn't make the decision any easier.

"Yeah, you know I often say for me, personally, ending Big Bang was like breaking up with the love of your life when you know nothing is wrong but it's just time. That's really what it felt like you know. I'm still processing what that entire journey was like. 279 episodes you know, I grew up on that show."

As he would further reveal on Ellen, he had so many mixed emotions going in his heart and soul during the finale.

"I don't think there's any word in any language ever written that could describe what I'm feeling," he said. "I'm feeling all of it. I'm feeling sad. I'm feeling exhilarated. I'm feeling tired. I've cried out, I've laughed out, it's all of it."

As he discussed on 'The Kelly Clarkson' show, those emotions are still very much there today.

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