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Bruce Willis Had A Strict Rule About Kissing Jennifer Aniston During His Friends Cameo

Bruce Willis' guest-starring role on Friends was praised by both the fans and cast. As we're going to reveal in the following, everyone was extra excited when it was announced that Willis would indeed appear on the show as Elizabeth's dad, Paul.

During his time on set, Bruce shot several scenes alongside Jennifer Aniston. Paul and Rachel went on several dates, though it didn't last once Paul tapped into his emotional side. It made for hilarious television, while showing the great range Bruce Willis had as an actor.

We're going to reveal how the cameo came to be, while also putting the spotlight on a rule Willis put in place for intimate scenes alongside Aniston.

It seems like Bruce's connection to a certain ex-husband made the actor pass on a kissing scene. We'll reveal what really happened, while also examining why it was hard for guest-stars to appear on the popular sitcom, according to Jennifer Aniston.

David Schwimmer Was Elated Behind The Scenes When He Found Out About Bruce Willis' Friends Cameo

Friends had many guest-stars along the way. Among them was Alexandra Holden, who played the role of Elizabeth during season six. She was still fresh in her career, but received quite the boost after a positive chemistry read with David Schwimmer.

The actress told EW that her experience on Friends was a positive one, though she did knock her fashion sense looking back. Nonetheless, among her best memories includes David Schwimmer and the rest of the cast's reaction to Bruce Willis signing on as her dad, Paul.

"The next day we showed up to work and I was in my dressing room and there was a bang bang bang on my door," she explains. "I open it and there was David and he's like, 'Oh my God, did you hear?' I thought there was a fire but he just yelled, 'Bruce Willis!' And then he went bounding down the hallway to tell everybody else."

As expected, Holden had praise for working with Willis, while his cameo is typically viewed as the best among all the great guest-stars.

Bruce Willis Wanted To Avoid Kissing Jennifer Aniston Because Of His Friendship To Brad Pitt

Bruce Willis' Friends cameo came to be thanks to his friendship with Matthew Perry. The two had a close relationship behind the scenes, while Perry also made a bet with Willis pertaining to the success of their film at the time, The Whole Nine Yards. Willis lost the bet and appeared on the show, while he was a complete class act with his salary, giving it all up to a good cause.

Appearing as Paul on the show, Willis shot several scenes alongside Jennifer Aniston, as he played a brief romantic interest of Rachel's.

Despite the connection, Willis wasn't entirely comfortable about potential intimacy with the actress. This was all because of his friendship to Brad Pitt, and how close the two became on the set of 12 Monkeys.

Willis revealed his take on kissing Aniston, "I would have loved to kiss her, but Brad was my friend and Jennifer was his wife," Willis said. "It didn't seem appropriate to me, but she's a hottie."

It certainly didn't hurt the overall experience, as the cast loved shooting scenes with Willis, while from a fan perspective, most wish it would've lasted longer than it did. Scenes between Paul and Ross were epic to say the least, especially during the cabin episode.

"Ross... let me show you the guest room."

Jennifer Aniston Revealed Performing On Friends Came With A Lot Of Pressure From The Guest-Stars

Bruce Willis handled his Friends cameo with complete class, however, performing on the show was no easy task, especially given that a live audience was in place. The atmosphere was very different to a film set, and for some, it was comparable to a play. Aniston revealed that this left some the guest-stars rattled.

"By the way, every actor who was a film actor who came onto our show, they were terrified. It was like, 'Who are these people laughing at what I'm saying," Aniston tells Sebastian Stan with Variety.

Matt LeBlanc agreed with Aniston's take as well. The actor also noted that guest stars typically were less than stellar and were saved because of the show's excellent writing.

"Still, on Friends, we had some guest-stars who were less than spectacular, not the stunt-casting, but just regular guest-stars, and they weren't particularly great actors, but the material was so good that they scored. It's the writing," LeBlanc revealed alongside Glamour.

Sean Penn was among the actors that fell under this category, as those behind the scenes claim that he struggled to adapt, and appeared to be completely lost during his experience on the sitcom.

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