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Who Played Siri On The Big Bang Theory?

Raj met Siri in a dream in The Big Bang Theory, but the actor who appeared as Apple's virtual assistant was a relative unknown. Raj was perceptually unlucky in love in The Big Bang Theory. For the first few seasons of the popular sitcom, Raj couldn't even talk to women. The character suffered selective mutism that made dating a nightmare, although this eventually cleared up in later seasons. Raj did end up single in The Big Bang Theory finale but, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as his date for a Nobel Prize ceremony, it is fair to suggest that he was happy.

While The Big Bang Theory's next spinoff might expand on Raj's love life, one of his silliest romantic misadventures happened in season 5, episode 12, "The Beta Test Initiation." In this outing, Raj fell in love with Siri, the virtual assistant on his iPhone. He later met the "real" voice of Siri in a dream, although this dream became a nightmare when he could not speak to her in person. The real voice of Siri depends on what country the device user lives in. In the United States where the heroes of The Big Bang Theory reside, Siri's recordings were made by Susan Bennett.

Becky O'Donohue From American Idol Played Siri On The Big Bang Theory

Bennett recorded her lines for Apple in 2005, but they weren't used for Siri until 2011. However, it is not Bennett who Raj meets in his dream sequence during The Big Bang Theory episode. Instead, actor, model, basketball player, and American Idol finalist Becky O'Donohue played Siri in the scene. This was not O'Donoghue's first television appearance, with the actor also cropping up in a 2010 episode of Psych and an episode of House MD. After her role in The Big Bang Theory, O'Donohue went on to appear in an episode of The Mentalist. She also appeared alongside her sister competing in a Minute to Win It episode.

While Raj's romances on The Big Bang Theory proved he could eventually talk to women, he didn't succeed in this endeavor back in season 5. As a result, O'Donoghue's role in The Big Bang Theory was pretty brief since Raj soon discovered he couldn't talk to this personification of Siri even within his dream. This meant that O'Donoghue never reprised her role from "The Beta Test Initiative," although the episode did earn some solid reviews from critics upon its 2012 release. Fortunately for Raj, his romantic life improved after his encounter with Siri and this was one of the last seasons to feature selective mutism as a plot point.

The Real-Life Siri Shows Up In Raj's Dream

Siri appeared in Raj's dream as a cheerful, friendly, beautiful woman. Having spent the preceding episode flirting with Siri (and creeping out even Wolowitz in the process), Raj suddenly found himself awestruck and unable to speak in his dream. As a result, Raj was forced to watch as his opportunity to romance the "real-life" Siri fell out of his grasp. By The Big Bang Theory season 6, episode 24, "The Bon Voyage Reaction," Raj had overcome his mutism and could converse with women. This opened up the door for many more romantic opportunities and The Big Bang Theory character never relied on his devices for romance again.

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