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Young Sheldon Season 6 Finale Clip: Missy Is Finally Fed Up With Sheldon In Heartbreaking Moment

The newly-released Young Sheldon season 6 finale clip reveals the heartbreaking moment Missy finally gets fed up with Sheldon. Only two more episodes are left before The Big Bang Theory prequel ends its roller-coaster year. Even until its final outings, however, Young Sheldon still brings in the drama, with arguably one of the saddest scenes ever in the show.

The Young Sheldon clip season 6, episode 21, "A Tornado, a 10-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring" reveals Missy giving back Sheldon's walkie-talkie, indicating that she doesn't want anything to do with him. Watch the video below:

The previously-released trailer for the Young Sheldon season 6 finale has teased conflicts between the Cooper twins. However, CBS has yet to reveal what their argument will be about. Considering Missy's reaction, it doesn't seem like it's their usual tiff.

Will Sheldon and Missy Patch Things Up Before Young Sheldon Season 6 Ends?

Missy and Sheldon fighting with each other isn't new in Young Sheldon. After all, they have a normal sibling dynamic. Given this, the fact that they have another argument in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale shouldn't be surprising. However, Missy's decision to cut off her brother, indicates that their spat is about something much more severe. It's no secret that the only Cooper daughter has always felt overlooked by her parents, particularly Mary, because of her genius brother. So, this may have something to do with that.

It's worth noting that Missy has been more daring recently. While she has dealt with the ramifications of her dangerous joyride with Paige, it doesn't seem like she has learned her lesson. In Young Sheldon season 6, episode 20, she willingly joins Pastor Jeff's troubled niece, Tonya, to smoke and drink. She hasn't been reprimanded about what happened, but it's unknown if Sheldon has a role to play in her getting busted.

Whether Missy forgives Sheldon before he leaves for Germany is unknown at this point. The fact that she couldn't even talk to him after his heartfelt plea is an indication of just how angry she is at him. That being said, a Young Sheldon season 6 finale image has confirmed that she will be with George to see her twin and Mary off, so perhaps she eventually mellows down on Sheldon.

Source: Young Sheldon

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