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The Big Bang Theory Contradicts Young Sheldon’s Germany Storyline

Summary Sheldon's opportunity with a summer program in Germany in Young Sheldon season 6 highlighted the Coopers' dire financial situation, contradicting the pretext used by Georgie in The Big Bang Theory season 11. Young Sheldon deviated from some storylines in The Big Bang Theory, such as the absence of Sheldon's bullying and George's abject behavior, but rarely contradicted established details. The Young Sheldon season 6 finale hinted at Sheldon's growing distance and lack of involvement in his family's adversities, which was shown by the aftermath of a hurricane that Sheldon and Mary were unaware of.

Young Sheldon season 6 highlighted Sheldon's opportunity with a summer program in Germany, even if that meant new challenges for him and his family, but one particular struggle was actually disproved by The Big Bang Theory season 11. The Coopers' financial problems weren't always the same in Young Sheldon, but they were always in the background, as Sheldon's wish for a computer showed early in Young Sheldon season 1. The beginning of Young Sheldon season 6 established the Coopers' dire financial situation, making their inability to support Sheldon in Germany make sense, even if that particular development contradicted The Big Bang Theory.

Over its six seasons, some young Sheldon storylines deviated from the way they were previously told by The Big Bang Theory. The almost complete absence of Sheldon's bullying and George's abject behavior are the most evident changes. Still, Young Sheldon rarely contradicted something meticulously established in The Big Bang Theory. However, one particular pretext Georgie used in The Big Bang Theory season 11 to complain about Sheldon never willingly thanking him or the rest of their family entirely conflicted with the solution for Sheldon going to Germany that Young Sheldon season 6 suggested.

Young Sheldon S7's Church Collection Opposes Georgie's Speech In TBBT S11

Amy and Sheldon's wedding invitations disrupted the Pasadena gang's life in The Big Bang Theory season 11, episode 23 once Mary complained about Sheldon not inviting his older brother Georgie to the wedding. Leonard and Sheldon's trip to Dallas unveiled much of his life in Texas, offering a perspective about Sheldon's childhood that was different from Mary's or Missy's. However, the episode also had Georgie justifying his being a self-made entrepreneur with the argument that "all the extra money we had, had to go to Sheldon, so he could go to college and he could go study in Germany.

" The revelation was completely contradicted by Young Sheldon season 6, as it was Dr. Linkletter's money and the donations Pastor Jeff brought over that secured Sheldon's trip to Germany.

Young Sheldon often made a point of detailing how there was rarely extra money for the Coopers, and Young Sheldon season 6 explained in detail how Sheldon could have never taken part in the summer program at Heidelberg without Dr. Linkletter and Pastor Jeff's help. Young Sheldon season 6, episode 20 even showed Sheldon's willingness to separate himself from his most prized possessions to have a chance to attend the program, although he failed miserably at that.

Had Sheldon had to rely on the Cooper family's extra money to attend the summer program, he simply couldn't have done so based on Young Sheldon season 6's retelling of the story.

Young Sheldon Season 6's Finale Hints At Challenges Sheldon Wasn't There For

While Georgie's speech in The Big Bang Theory season 11, episode 23 was factually incorrect about the financial support Sheldon required for the summer program in Germany, the problem he highlighted was already shown in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale. Indeed, the hurricane that destroyed Meemaw's home was a big event in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 22, and yet Sheldon and Mary didn't know about it by the end of the episode.

While Georgie's speech in TBBT season 11 referred to the aftermath of George's death, Young Sheldon season 6's finale showed that even before that, Sheldon's distance made him less involved in the family's adversities.

The scene Georgie described in The Big Bang Theory season 11, episode 23 painted a much worse picture, with him keeping an eye on Missy's "dumb teenager" actions and Mary's anguish. It would make sense that Georgie wanted to protect Sheldon, refusing to tell him the truth about the state of things rather than just forgetting to catch Mary and Sheldon up about the disaster as the Coopers did in Young Sheldon season 6's finale. The Big Bang Theory already established how Sheldon's move out of state for college put some distance between him and his family, but Young Sheldon season 6's finale started showing that with his summer program abroad.

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