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Jennifer Aniston Never Liked The "Rachel" Haircut, Even Though Fans Imitated It


The iconic 'Rachel' haircut was created by hairstylist Chris McMillan for Jennifer Aniston's character in Friends, but Jennifer herself never liked the hairstyle.Jennifer disliked 'The Rachel' because of the effort and maintenance required to style it, and she even considered it to be the ugliest haircut she had ever seen.While 'The Rachel' may not be making a full comeback, variations of the hairstyle with softer layers and less maintenance are becoming trendy in 2023.

After years of trying to find fame, finally made a name for herself in the TV industry by getting a leading role in the sitcom

as the fashion-obsessed Rachel Green. This role has led to many iconic moments, including the whole and her .

However, one of the things that Jennifer and her character became most well-known for was her haircut. This was one of the most iconic hairstyles of the 1990s and led to many copying her hair, with this even being referenced in the show. But despite everyone else liking it, Jennifer was never a huge fan of her famous hair.

What Is The Story Behind 'The Rachel' Haircut?

Like all great haircuts, 'the Rachel' has a story behind it. It was created by hairstylist Chris McMillan, and despite Jennifer later revealing that she didn't like the haircut, Chris is still her hairstylist to this day.

Chris revealed to . Prior to starring in , Jennifer had a fringe and Chris thought she might look better if she grew the fringe out.

This was where Chris decided to incorporate layers into Jennifer's hair so that it wouldn't become too obvious that she was growing her fringe out and to help with the process so that her hair didn't look awkward, especially when being on a TV show.

Jennifer Aniston Hated 'The Rachel' Haircut

Despite many people, particularly fans of absolutely loving 'the Rachel' and wanting to get the same look, the one person who appeared to not like the haircut was the one who had started off the trend, and that was Jennifer Aniston herself.

One of the main is the amount of effort that went into maintaining it. Jennifer has previously said that the hairstyle would require at least three brushes when she was getting ready in the morning, and it was a nightmare each time she had to blow-dry it.

She has also said that maintaining 'the Rachel' often felt like she was doing surgery. Especially with being on TV and maintaining a public image, it likely felt like a bit too much pressure to deal with for Jennifer, which eventually led to her ditching the hairstyle entirely.

Another reason Jennifer didn't like 'the Rachel' was simply due to the reason that she didn't like how it looked. She has said that it was the ugliest haircut that she has ever seen, which makes it even more surprising that the hairstylist who created 'the Rachel' is still her hairstylist to this day.

Some believe that their closeness might cause Jennifer to worry each time he styles her hair that he is going to give her the same haircut again. While Jennifer herself hasn't confirmed this, Chris has said that each time he styles her hair she makes it known that 'the Rachel' is her least favorite hairstyle.

Is 'The Rachel' Haircut Coming Back In 2023?

As with all trends, they tend to come and go over time and whilst 'the Rachel' was one of the biggest hairstyle trends of the 1990s, it hasn't been seen since. But with remaining popular and , does this mean a comeback for 'the Rachel'?

Whilst 'the Rachel' isn't completely coming back in its full form, there are in 2023. The style used on the person tends to depend on the face shape of the person, which mostly affects the length of the cut, with some being shorter than others.

Given that Jennifer has said that it was difficult to maintain, hairstylists are now taking this into account and are making these new hairstyles less high-maintenance. This includes making the layers softer and tailoring them to the hair type and texture of each individual.

'The Rachel' also had a key focus on highlights. This is another aspect of the cut that isn't as incorporated into the modern versions, as hairstylists tend to use a whole variety of colors on their clients to help them achieve the look they're after.

Jennifer Now Has Her Own Hair Product Range

Whilst she may not have been a fan of 'the Rachel', it's clear that Jennifer takes great pride in her hair, and she has gone so far as to create her own range of hair care products. The range is called 'Lola Vie' and it appears to be highly rated.

Not only that but her has even , by filming herself using one of the products, showing how effortless they are to use and how amazing they make her hair look and feel.

But one thing that those products do is convince Jennifer Aniston to don 'The Rachel' ever again.

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