'Ticket to Paradise' Cast and Character Guide: Who's Who in the Romantic Comedy

After a long break from the genre, Julia Roberts returned to romantic comedy alongside George Clooney as a divorced couple in Ticket to Paradise. The Academy Award-winning duo has previously co-starred in many successful films like Money Monster, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and the first two Ocean films. Ticket to Paradise is a 2000s-style formulaic rom-com bustling with drama and surprises in the narrative. Roberts and Clooney playing the divorced couple showcase strong chemistry and comedic timing. The two decide to team up and sabotage the impending wedding of their daughter, Lily.

Gaining critical acclaim after writing and directing the fun musical sequel

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the writer/director Ol Parker has again awed the audience with Ticket to Paradise. Daniel Pipski also served as the writer of the film alongside him. Parker has managed to capture the early 2000s heart-warming comedic essence in the film. His direction is impressive, the locations look gorgeous, and it maintains a solid pace throughout. It's safe to say Parker is on the path to rising in his ranks as a compelling director.

Even though the film rose to popularity because of the presence of Roberts and Clooney, Parker has bagged some talented young actors in the film, too.

The trailer of Ticket to Paradise reveals that the film isn't only about the old ex-couple, but their love-struck daughter. The film keeps the audience invested and entertained with the young-love drama while her estranged parents try to teach her the necessary lessons everyone has to learn about love and marriage. Here is the cast of talented actors starring in this enthralling rom-com.

Julia Roberts as Georgia Cotton

Julia Roberts is best known for her works in Notting Hill,

Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, and the iconic no-man movie, Steel Magnolias. In Ticket to Paradise, she plays the role of Georgia Cotton, who split with her husband David after 5 years of marriage. She exudes confidence and wit from the very first frame of the movie. As her character begins in a bidding event and continues with her going to a restaurant with a friend where she covers the check, the movie establishes that she is wealthy. She demonstrates her wit by making sly jokes about her ex-husband while giving her friend a history of their relationship. The audience also learns from this that Georgia detests her ex-husband.

However, Georgia loves her daughter, Lily, who is the only reason she teams up with David. Roberts is natural in her role and does not miss a beat in delivering her witty dialogues. Her body language screams confidence and her chemistry with George Clooney keeps the film going. Despite the plot not being very original, the individual characters in Ticket to Paradise make it entertaining, and Robert's Georgia is one of her most compelling comedic performances.

George Clooney as David Cotton

George Clooney needs no introduction as a Hollywood megastar. His most well-received performances can be seen in The Descendants, Up in the Air, Michael Clayton, and the space survival story, Gravity. Clooney is not new to the Rom-Com genre and is appreciated for his comic timing and delivery. Given this, he came off as a natural in his role as David Cotton. David is like any regular divorced man living happily and successfully as an architect. His and Georgia's bickering and banter serve as the comic element in the film, and Clooney holds it well on his part. Being a recipient of two Oscars, perfection is expected of Clooney, and he didn't disappoint.

David Cotton loathes his wife, but he's a caring father. He is charming and plays his part smoothly. While his role in Ticket to Paradise isn't the best of his career, it's a modest try. If one can ignore the flaws in writing and plot, Clooney's role isn't really lacking. David Cotton is a character that one would neither hate, nor root for. The jokes fall flat in some instances, but those aren't the fault of Clooney's acting.

Kaitlyn Dever as Lily Cotton

Kaitlyn Dever is a promising young actress who was also seen in the leading role in

Rosaline, a recently released goofy retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Her most notable projects include the FX crime drama television series Justified, the ABC/Fox sitcom Last Man Standing, the Netflix drama miniseries Unbelievable, and the Hulu drama Dopesick. In Ticket to Paradise, Dever plays the 25-year-old picture-perfect and beautiful newly minted law graduate, Lily Cotton. She's the only child of David and Georgia Cotton and is loved by both.

Lily is the main instrument of the movie's plot. The film sets its gear when she decides to spontaneously marry a Balinese guy who she fell in love with in just 37 days during her graduation trip.

As she gives up her career and preps for her dream wedding, her parents decide to team up and sabotage the marriage, believing it to be a mistake. Lily's acting is compelling as a youngster trying to live life on her terms while also trying to maintain a healthy relationship with her parents. Dever is adorable and excellent at delivering her role.

Maxime Bouttier as Gede

Maxime Bouttier started his acting career young in 2013 with the film Refrain. In Ticket to Paradise, Maxime plays the local seaweed farmer, Gede, who Lily falls head over heels for.

Maxime does more than his bit to shore up the film with his youthful presence. Bouttier's chemistry with Dever is charming. They provide a depth of liveliness to Ticket in Paradise as two young lovers navigating obstacles that weren't their fault, which complements Clooney and Roberts' and the film's dominant charm nicely. His enticing looks and equally brilliant acting might make him the next Hollywood heartthrob. As an easy-going, handsome young man, Bouttier is easily likable as Gede.

Billie Lourd as Wren Butler

Billie Lourd is known for her roles in the Fox horror comedy series Scream Queens and the FX horror anthology series American Horror Story. In Ticket to Paradise, Lourd plays the role of Wren Butler, an essential best friend to Lily. She is present throughout the film beside Lily, supporting her and being that constant shoulder for her to lean on. Her role isn't central to the plot, but her friendship with Lily is refreshing amidst all the chaos surrounding the film. Lourd will be seen in an upcoming comedy, And Mrs., by Sideswiped director Daniel Reisinger.

Lucas Bravo as Paul

Netflix's Emily in Paris fame, Lucas Bravo plays the role of Georgia's boyfriend Paul in Ticket to Paradise. He is a commercial pilot with blue eyes, good looks, and tonnes of charisma. He travels to Bali intending to pop the question to her. With this revelation, it looks as though Georgia has rekindled her youthful passion for romance. The movie's climax is the only place to find out the truth, though. Despite playing an underwritten and less explored role, Bravo successfully resists being carried away by the huge star power that drives Ticket to Paradise.

Alongside them, other talented supporting actors in Ticket to Paradise include Sean Lynch as Rob, Arielle Carver-O'Neill as Kimberley, and Romy Poulier as Lauren.

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