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The Serious Behind-the-Scenes 'Big Bang Theory' Drama Between Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons

Fans of weren't the only ones crushed when the beloved sitcom came to an end in 2019, a choice that was made in light of for 12 seasons. Not only did reveal back in early October that felt like the announcement could've been handled better, but now we're learning that may have also been very upset over the news.

Kaley, best known for playing Penny, reportedly felt blindsided by the decision, according to Jessica Radloff's new book . Parts of the book, which shares details about the show and its rise to success from first-hand interviews with the cast and crew, highlight the alleged tension between Kaley and Jim once everyone learned of the show's ending.

in the book, executive producer Steve Holland said, "Kaley could barely make eye contact with Jim during the run-through." Another portion of the book shared, "At the time, there were a lot of hard feelings between Parsons, and Galecki and Cuoco, who weren’t privy to everything that had unfolded leading up to the decision to end the show with season 12, or unaware why they weren’t brought into the fold sooner. Understandably, the next day at work — which was a Thursday run-through — was fraught with tension.”

The news was especially shocking because CBS was reportedly prepared to renew the show for at least another two years. However, after Jim expressed interest in leaving, producers thought that there wouldn't be enough of a story to work with since the show heavily focused on Sheldon.

Meanwhile, Kaley also shared that she wasn't totally on board with her character's storyline at the end of the series. of the book, while fans were thrilled with the way (Johnny) wrapped up the series finale together, Kaley wasn't thrilled about Penny being pregnant.

"I actually wished that they did not because I loved that message [of Penny not wanting kids] so much," she said. "It was cute how the writers did it at the end with Penny’s surprise pregnancy, and all in all I’m glad, but I was actually voting for her not to [get pregnant]."

Though Kaley hasn't really elaborated too much on her feelings since the show's end, she did share in the book that it ultimately was a blessing since it allowed her to pursue other work, like her starring role on HBO's which earned her an Emmy nomination.

As for her friendship with Jim? fans can rest easy. The two, who shared a close friendship between the scenes, seem to be on good terms. “It was a great job,” Kaley in 2021 “That was the one thing we all agreed on — we came in together, we go out together.”

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