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"I was furious": CBS Exec Wanted Jim Parson's Big Bang Theory Co-Star, Who Was Paid $1M Per Episode, Out of the Role

 was a widely beloved American sitcom that graced television screens from 2007 to 2019. Crafted by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the series centered on socially awkward physicists and their comical interactions with each other and the world. Renowned for its humor, memorable catchphrases, and beloved characters, the show amassed an enormous fan following and received acclaim from critics throughout its successful tenure.

During his career in television, Chuck Lorre has frequently made daring decisions behind the scenes, sometimes leading to clashes between networks and showrunners, particularly in matters of casting. Lorre’s tenacity was evident in the case of Jon Cryer’s casting on  a decision that ultimately proved to be the right one. This trend of astute decision-making continued on  as well.

CBS Executives Wanted Kunal Nayyar Out Of The Show

As Chuck Lorre traveled to New York for a pivotal meeting with the network executives and the cast, he encountered an unexpected absence: was missing. In the meeting, Lorre learned that Nayyar wouldn’t be present and that his role would be re-cast. Lorre, displeased with this development, staunchly advocated for the young actor, who was not yet a household name.

Lorre said (via  ):

“When I landed in New York for the upfronts, I was informed that Kunal wasn’t there. I was like, ‘What do you mean he isn’t here? Why isn’t he here?’ Apparently while I was flying across the country, a CBS executive determined—unilaterally—that Kunal wasn’t right for the role and we would re-cast that part. Well, I did not respond well. I was furious. They made this decision without consulting me.”

Lorre vehemently opposed the decision, pointing out that Nayyar hadn’t been granted a fair opportunity, considering his limited dialogue in the pilot episode. As fans are well aware, Nayyar remained an integral part of the show, and there was never any intention to replace his character at any juncture.

Jim Parsons Opens Up About Moving On From The Show

a CBS series that spanned 12 seasons, skyrocketed in popularity, largely attributable to its exceptional ensemble cast of comedic talents, notably led by .

Sheldon Cooper, portrayed by Parsons, stands out as one of the most iconic characters in the entire series and quite possibly the role for which he remains most renowned. However, there comes a time when one must transition to new endeavors.

Parsons delved into the emotional journey he underwent when making the decision to conclude filming the show after over a decade.

With four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series to his name, Parsons undeniably delivered an exceptional performance in his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper.

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