Adam Sandler Agreed That Jennifer Aniston Made A Big Mistake On What She Spent Her First Friends Pay On

Adam Sandler seemed surprised to hear that when Jennifer Aniston got her first Friends paycheck, she was so excited she splurged the money on a purchase she soon regretted. Aniston's real-life friend, Adam Sandler seemed shocked by her story. Sandler and Aniston have shared a close bond for years, so it's surprising Sandler hasn't Aniston's story about the "lemon" before. When Aniston got her paycheck, she was initially excited about her purchase, but then, things went downhill.

Disappointed about what had happened, but still able to get a story out of it, she told her long-time friend Adam Sandler during an interview the two gave while promoting Murder Mystery 2.

Adam Sandler seemed surprised when Jennifer Aniston revealed what she spent her first Friends paycheck on, a purchase which turned out to be a "mistake" for the star.

What Did Jennifer Aniston Spend Her First Paycheck On?

Some celebrities might make or already have large fortunes which they might spend on a variety of different things. Some might enjoy shopping, others might spend a large amount of money on activism or other projects.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the six stars that shot to fame with the popular sitcom Friends.

On the show, she played Rachel Green, and even inspired a popular hairstyle named after her character.

When Aniston received her very first paycheck for the show, apparently she was so excited she decided to buy something for herself, something she'd wanted for a long time.

The Break-Up actress discussed her "mistake" purchase during a joint interview with her friend Adam Sandler. The Friends star explained the purchase to her Murder Mystery 2 co-star, and friend, Adam Sandler. Aniston is also friends with Sandler's wife, Jackie.

Telling the story to Popsugar and Sandler while the two promoted their Netflix film, Murder Mystery 2, she discussed her first big spend.

Aniston said, "I do remember my first big splurge was on a Mercedes that had a 'For Sale' sign on it, for almost two years."

Continuing, Aniston said, "There was a little white 280 SL Mercedes, and it was there for a long time. I mean it could have been over two years." Telling Sandler about how badly she'd wanted the ride, she commented, "And I was always like, 'I can't wait, someday, someday [I'll buy it]."

After landing her iconic role in Friends and getting her first paycheck, Aniston was finally able to purchase her dream car. However, it turned out that once she'd made the purchase, the Along Came Polly star knew her first big purchase was also a big "mistake".

Why Was The Purchase A "Mistake"?

Some celebrities spend their money on business ventures, passion projects or even a love for shopping. However, some might also make mistakes when it comes to their wealth, either trusting the wrong people and getting scammed, or making a big purchase that turns out to be a mistake.

When Jennifer Aniston bought her new car, she was probably thrilled to get to drive around in it and show it off. Unfortunately for the successful star, her dream car ended up turning into a nightmare after a short amount of time.

Explaining what went wrong, the actress said, "And one day I bought it, and then I drove it, and then drove it again, and it never drove again." Unfortunately, Aniston only got to drive the car she had wanted for so long twice, then she was never able to enjoy it again.

It turned out that the car Aniston had wanted to buy for so long, and finally was able to purchase, ended up being a huge mistake for the star.

When Aniston was telling the story about what had happened with her car, her longtime friend and co-star, Adam Sandler, seemed surprised. The two have been friends for years, and clearly love working together too.

Adam Sandler Seemed Surprised When Aniston Told The Story

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have been friends since before either found fame, and have also worked together on three movies. Most recently, the two co-starred together in Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix. While the two were promoting this film, Aniston told the story about her "mistake" purchase.

After hearing what Aniston said, Sandler seemed to be in disbelief, asking her, "Two drives?" The Uncut Gems actor responded, shocked.

He couldn't believe the car that she had been eying for two years had turned into such a disaster for Aniston.

She replied, "It was a lemon, and that's why it had been sitting there."

After Aniston recalled making the big "mistake" purchase with her first Friends paycheck, Aniston added that at the time she was younger, and she hadn't known to have the car checked out before purchasing it. She commented, "I didn't know any better to get it checked out, so that was just a nice 25-year-old mistake."

Sandler seemed understanding towards her situation, commenting, "They took ya to town.". After hearing about the car having problems, Sandler seemed to get that his friend was young and excited about making a new purchase, not thinking about checking the car for problems.

The successful and multitalented celebrity was also probably surprised he hadn't heard anything about it before, as this appeared to be his first time hearing the story.

It's also unlikely that The Morning Show actress' car troubles gave her too many financial troubles. At least not any that were long-lasting.

When Jennifer Aniston and her fellow Friends cast members, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, started the series, they "earned $22, 500 per episode," according to People. However, they each ended up earning $1 million per episode by their tenth and last season.

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