The Big Bang Theory Fans Caught An Emotional Moment Between Mayim Bialik And Kaley Cuoco Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes, the realization of The Big Bang Theory coming to an end was not an easy one for the cast to comprehend. Kaley Cuoco struggled, and almost refused to show up to the show's tapings the following day. As for Mayim Bialik, she also did her own kind of grieving, but at the same time, wanted to give it her all during the final season.

In the following, we're going to take a closer look at how both Bialik and Cuoco felt about the finale, and their thoughts on the show wrapping up. We're also going to take a closer look at the emotional final table read, and how it caused the cast to completely break.

Once the end credits and song played, the cast felt emotional. However, fans praised Bialik's heart in the moment, consoling Cuoco in the viral video. We'll take a look back at the moment and how the fans reacted to it.

Mayim Bialik Had To Overcome Her Own Grief On The Road To The Big Bang Theory Finale

After its lengthy run, the main cast of The Big Bang Theory all had their own ways of coping with the show coming to a close. The likes of Simon Helberg and Jim Parsons were excited to explore other options, while Mayim Bialik realized just how many forms of grief there is.

The show coming to an end was a sense of grief that she had never felt before.

"This is not a linear process, this grief thing, and the end of TBBT has reminded me how deep and insidious grief can be."

For Bialik, it was all about giving it her all during the final season, knowing such a career-changing project was coming to an end.

"I'll act as if it's the first time I've played this character. I'll recite my lines as if I have forever to play this character. I will, indeed, dance like no one's watching, even though millions of people will be tuning in to see how our show unfolds and ultimately ends.

Grief does not give us time off from life."

As expected, it didn't make Bialik any less emotional during the final table read. However, she did play a positive role in consoling her fellow co-stars during a tough moment.

Fans Caught Mayim Bialik Comforting Kaley Cuoco During The Final Big Bang Theory Table Read

Right around the :45 second mark in the video below, the moment can be seen by fans. The cast is at the final table read, and the closing scene is winding down. Clearly, the cast is saddened by this, especially Kaley Cuoco. Fans noticed the great moment of Bialik comforting her, though Mayim herself also breaks down when the closing credits role, along with The Big Bang Theory song playing in a slower tone.

The most liked comment of the viral video reads, "Love how Mayim does her best to console Kaley and Melissa, but then gets caught in the emotion herself when the theme song starts to play."

In truth, ending the show was perhaps the hardest for Kaley Cuoco given that she didn't anticipate the series coming to an end during season 12. Although she struggled with the decision to end the show, she was ultimately content with how things wrapped up.

Kaley Cuoco Was Emotional About The Decision To End The Big Bang Theory, But Was Pleased With Penny's Send-Off

The Big Bang Theory's finale proved to be strongest rated episode over on IMDb. It isn't often that finales hit the mark, but this one clearly did. Chuck Lorre and company took a wise approach, ensuring fans that the main set of friends would be okay, without major changes.

As for Kaley Cuoco, she was also completely satisfied with the way things ended off for Penny.

"I'm thrilled with [Penny's] ending, yet beginning. There's not anything catastrophic, it's just beautiful," she added. "And the characters are gonna live on in your minds and in your hearts, and I think that's what is so special about it.

It's really touching."

"This has been a stress for months [for] us actors, and the writers: 'How's this gonna end? This is my legacy of this character, on and on."

As for Johnny Galecki, he was a little more confused about Penny and Leonard's ending, given that it was said that the two would not be having children. Obviously, that was not the case and the show decided to honor the pilot, in which Leonard says he's going to have Penny's children one day.

Although it seemed like the two were sending a different message in terms of children throughout the series, ultimately Galecki came around and was okay with the resolution, which meant Penny and Leonard would be okay.

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