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10 Most Rewatchable Episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Some TV shows grip you from the get-go, others take more of a slow-burn approach, and some don't have that ability at all. Sitcoms, however, typically fall into the first category of immediately having you hooked, and The Big Bang Theory did that to the max for over ten years. For twelve seasons, this beloved CBS series had the hearts of millions, and this lovable geeky gang resonated with viewers on multiple levels.

Twelve seasons, 279 episodes, and more than a decade's worth of hilarious yet forever memorable moments later, The Big Bang Theory garnered a fanbase to stand the test of time. It's one of those shows that will never get old. Call it a comfort show, if you will, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's more than deserving of binge-watch status, but when it comes to a rewatch of arguably one of the best sitcoms of the 21st century, how could you choose just ten to be the most rewatchable of them all? It's a difficult thing to do, that's for sure, but from timeless comedy, significant events, and even a song about soft kitties, these ten episodes are undeniably up there with the best.

10 Stan Lee Makes a Special Cameo in "The Excelsior Acquisition"

With an episode name dedicated to the superhero himself, Stan Lee, The Big Bang Theory fans, superhero fans, and comic book fans were instantly excited to see this one when it aired as part of the show's third season in 2010.

Stan Lee was no stranger to the geeky world, so to see him a part of a show heavily inspired by the universe he helped to create will always be a notable part of the show's legacy. They'll never be a bad time to go back and rewatch this gem of an episode, albeit just to see the one and only Stan on our screens again. "Excelsior!"

9 "The Staircase Implementation" Sees The Beginning of a New Friendship

We never knew how this unlikely duo became roommates until the penultimate episode of TBBT's third season. Shown throughout multiple flashbacks in story form to Penny ( Kaley Cuoco), Leonard ( Johnny Galecki) reveals the origin of events leading to multiple popular aspects throughout the show.

We see the real reason the elevator had been out of order for years, the first mention of the Roommate Agreement, Sheldon's ( Jim Parsons) spot becoming officially claimed, and the start of one of the best friendships in the show. All of that in 20 minutes makes this one of its most comedically informative episodes.

8 "The Locomotive Manipulation" Brings Shamey's Relationship to a Whole New Level

Sheldon always struggled with just the idea of embracing another human being. So going as far as kissing one is something no one fathomed could ever happen. But that all changed in the fifteenth episode of The Big Bang Theory's seventh season when his and Amy's ( Mayim Bialik)relationship reached a whole new level of intimacy.

And on Valentine's Day, of all days. Following a somewhat hellish double-date train ride with Howard and Bernadette ( Melissa Rauch), it culminates quite abruptly when Amy calls Sheldon out on his lack of romance during the evening. What starts as Sheldon seemingly mocking Amy's need for romance ends with Sheldon initiating a kiss that no one saw coming, and he evidently enjoyed it.

7 Penny Gives Sheldon an Amazing Present in "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"

Following on along the topic of Sheldon's unwillingness to embrace people, this season two episode saw him reach another milestone in stepping outside his comfort zone when he hugged Penny, leaving us just as surprised as her.

Up until this point in the show, Sheldon and Penny's friendship hadn't surpassed anything major, and at the beginning, it was purely tolerable interactions between the two neighbors. So when Christmas time rolled around and gifts were exchanged, Sheldon became so overwhelmed with emotion at the thoughtfulness of Penny's gift and pulled her in for an embrace, much to the surprise of his friends.

6 A New Bond is Formed in "The Scavenger Vortex"

Who's a couple of characters that didn't get a huge amount of screen time together, but when they did, it resulted in little comedic treasures dotted throughout the series? Howard Wolowitz ( Simon Helberg) and Amy Farrah Fowler, that's who.

One of their most iconic scenes came during Raj's ( Kunal Nayyar) scavenger hunt in the season seven episode "The Scavenger Vortex." A little friendly competition takes an unexpected turn when the duo is paired together and struggles to make conversation. That is until

Neil Diamond comes on the radio. Cue a new bond and all the car dancing you could want.

5 The "Pilot" Begins a Twelve Year Journey

How could you not want to watch this one again and again? It is where it all began, after all. Whether you want another rewatch of the entire 12 seasons or just because you want to see the start of this amazing show once again, there'll never be a bad time to rewatch the "Pilot."

Awkward first interactions, imaginary babies, and even high-IQ sperm banks. What an introduction! From the off, this lovable band of intelligent geeks had everybody's hearts across the globe. It was something new and at the time unusual to sink our teeth into and it was a very welcome experience.

4 "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" Introduces an Earworm of a Song

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr." Admit it, you sang that. It's too memorable not to. It's like the clap in the Friends theme song. An unwritten rule you have to do. And it all began in an early season one episode, becoming one of the show's best running gags.

Eleven episodes into its total of 279 saw the introduction of arguably one of the most instantly recognizable aspects of the show. This short little number first appeared when Sheldon developed a cold and Penny was the unlucky soul who had to take care of him. Thus, the origin of "Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty" was born.

3 "The Precious Fragmentation" Brings The Laughs With a Ring

Have you ever wanted your own version of the iconic Lord of the Rings ring? Well, for the guys in The Big Bang Theory's "The Precious Fragmentation," their dreams came true, but almost at the cost of their friendship.

Peeing together, awkward car rides and even a punch to the face for Sheldon at the hands of Penny occurred in such a small amount of time when they got their hands on a real Hobbit ring. You can just picture the chaotic comedy, can't you? A favorite for many TBBT fans, this one will always be worthy of a rewatch.

2 Sheldon Has A Little Too Much To Drink in "The Pants Alternative"

Have you ever had a little too much to drink? Ever made a slight fool of yourself in front of a group of people and very much regretted it the next morning? Drunk words, sober thoughts, and all that. For Sheldon in season 3, he well and truly learned the effects of alcohol in a not-so-subtle way.

An awards night goes awry, to say the least, when Penny entices Sheldon to have a drink and calm down. Nervous about a speech he must give to accept an award, he drinks the wine and keeps going, resulting in a somewhat humiliatingly hilarious acceptance speech that finds its way onto YouTube for the world to see, and Sheldon's hungover reaction is priceless.

1 "The Stockholm Syndrome" Says Goodbye to the End of An Era

TBBT is one of those rare long-running shows whose finale didn't fill fans with the utmost annoyance or frustration. (Cough, cough, Game Of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, okay, I'll stop). Of course, it was going to be sad when this iconic sitcom came to an end, but that doesn't take away from how well they closed out the show.

We got closure for one of the show's best and longest-running gags, a happy ending for our beloved characters, and a bittersweet final scene and song to send it off with a bang. Overall, while it was sad to say goodbye, this is one of those episodes you could happily watch on repeat. You know, after yet another rewatch of the entire series.

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