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Young Sheldon S6 Finale Explained That Meemaw Plothole in TBBT After All

Connie in Young Sheldon and Connie in The Big Bang Theory are basically two different people. Why though?

In the prequel series, Sheldon Cooper's grandmother is a free-spirited, independent woman who does whatever she wants with her life (and we love her for it). When we see that same character almost thirty years later, she is a deeply religious and uptight woman, unrecognizable from the Connie we know.

Young Sheldon is bound to have a few inconsistencies here and there, as any spinoff series would, but this one just truly doesn't make any sense. Well, the series' latest season finale has actually hinted at a possible plot hole fix, coming next season.

In season 6, Pastor Jeff, along with his church members, declares war on Connie's video store, following the unsettling revelation that it rents "inappropriate films that do not correspond to the Christian values." At one point, Pastor Jeff even threatens Connie, saying that God will punish her for her sinful business.

Fast-forward to the season 6 finale, which features a big plot twist in the form of a devastating tornado. The tornado has put the Coopers' lives at risk, namely George's and Missy's, and, most notably, destroyed Meemaw's house to the ground.

Young Sheldon season 6 ends on a heartbreaking scene of the Cooper family trying to save what's left of Connie's home.

When you think about it, an event like that would change anyone's beliefs in the years to come.

What if Meemaw's transformation trigger was the disaster that left her homeless in the 1990s? In season 7, viewers might see the aftermath of the tornado and the toll it has taken on Connie.

In her mind, this might have been the moment God "punished" her for the video store, the illegal casino, and all the other potentially controversial decisions she has made in her life. So she decides to atone for her "sins" and become a proper Christian (along the lines of her own daughter Mary).

It's entirely likely that season 7 will be the starting point for the future version of Connie that we got a glimpse of in The Big Bang Theory.

Do you think this theory will turn out to be true?

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