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Jim Parsons Revealed He Had A "Once In A Career" Emotional Type Moment With Kaley Cuoco

Together on , and were pure magic. The chemistry between the two was obvious from the start, and the showrunners wouldn't only build off of it for the many seasons.

Behind the scenes, the two were also very close. That was very apparent around season 4. Jim Parsons was enjoying a boom in his career, taking home an and . The moment was made that much more special thanks to Kaley Cuoco's involvement.

We'll take a look at the moment Jim Parsons will never forget alongside Cuoco, and how the fans reacted to it. In addition, we're going to take a closer look at their relationship nowadays, and where the two stand since

came to an end.

The Big Bang Theory Cast Got Emotional Over Jim Parsons' Emmy Win

Winning an back in 2013 was an emotional moment for Jim Parsons, and the same held true for his fellow guest members, particularly Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco who were both holding back tears. following Parsons' win given how deserving he was of the award.

“I cried when Jim Parsons won. I also jumped out of my seat when Jim won. He deserves this award so very much and his speech was so touching. We have a regular work day today, and I can’t wait to hug him and celebrate with him.

As for Parsons, he delivered a fantastic speech on the night.

“My heart, oh my heart. Boy, I want you to know that I’m very aware how exceedingly fortunate I am. First, to have the chance to do this role in this show. Thank you [creator] Chuck Lorre, [creator] Bill Prady, [executive producer] Secondly, to be here to be a part of such a phenomenal group of people and for seemingly happenstance reasons to be up here right now, thank you so much,” he said with tears in his eyes.

He continued on thanking his castmates, "To the most wonderful cast, Johnny [Galecki], Kaley [Cuoco], Simon [Helberg], Kunal [Nayyar], Melissa [Rauch], Mayim [Bialik].

CBS and Warner Bros., you’ve been such wonderful supporters through this whole exciting journey.”

It was a wonderful moment, but the actor would experience another great feat at the Golden Globes.

Kaley Cuoco Had A Special Moment With Jim Parsons Presenting The Actor With His Golden Globe

Speaking alongside Mayim Bialik during Parsons was asked about the feeling of receiving a from Kaley Cuoco. Blushing from the question, it was clearly a special moment for Parsons.

"The Kaley thing, I immediately understood, no matter how long I work, no matter how wonderful my career is, that will never be repeated again. To have someone you love and work with is a once and a career type situation.

" Parsons concluded about the experience, "So fear and happiness."

The emotional moment can be seen in the video below around the 7:00 mark.

Fans were just as thrilled over the moment, as it showed just how close the two are.

"You can just see how good of friends they are. She is so genuine when she announces his name. It is so heartwarming and cute," one fan writes.

"Kaley and Jim have SUCH a sweet chemistry, friend-wise. Her reaction almost made me cry! The way you can obviously tell she's so proud of him, I think their friendship is beautiful <3 on="" and="" off="" cam,="" they're="" just="">

A great moment and one both Jim and Kaley won't forget.

Kaley Cuoco And Jim Parsons Maintain A Good Relationship Following Life After Big Bang Theory

During the final season of , it seems like some tension was stirred up between Parsons and Cuoco. Jim's decision to leave the sitcom after 12 seasons blindsided Kaley Cuoco. It almost resulted in Kaley skipping out on tapings the following day due her frustrations with Jim. Thankfully, everyone was able to keep things professional, and the season ended on a strong note.

As for their relationship following the show, things seem to be just fine. Parsons in particular praised Cuoco on her success with .

Parsons said, "She's gonna be incredible. She's a comforting presence, and it was a pleasure to work with her day in and day out. She's a very warm person, and I think that child is lucky to have her for a mother."

Fans are hoping to see the duo back together in some capacity down the road given the memories they provided fans with for years on

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