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These Julia Roberts Movies Completely Changed Fashion In Film, Here's Why

Julia Roberts has accumulated an impressive array of interesting roles during her career in Hollywood. Her breathtaking performances contribute to how beloved her characters have become by audiences around the world. There tends to be a common thread along with her stellar performances; an impeccable wardrobe.

From her iconic looks in Pretty Woman to her downplayed elegance in films such as Mona Lisa Smile, let's take a look at some of Julia's film's most memorable fashion moments.

8 Mystic Pizza Offers Nostalgic Fall Fashion Trends

There's something about the nostalgic 80s vibe of Mystic Pizza that just keeps audiences falling in love.

The chunky sweaters, the comfy over sized tees, and the tousled hair are held together by velvet scrunchies. Who can forget the iconic red sweater her character wore while playing pool? Julia's character is a fashion dream, donning the perfect relaxed looks & always looking more put together than anyone else on screen.

7 The Fashion In Pretty Woman Is Indisputably Top-Notch

What can be said about the costume design for Pretty Woman that hasn't been saying before? The team hit it out of the park with this one, capturing the admiration of nearly all age groups who come across the film.

Julia's character Vivien wears a plethora of dresses as she navigates her relationship with her client turned love interest.

While all of them have become iconic in their own right, probably the most historic look from the film is her white & blue one-piece. Both high-end and fast-fashion designers continue to attempt to create looks similar to it because it's so popular with the public.

Despite the movie and the Julia's characters fashions from the film being such a big hit, the actress reportedly didn't make that much money from the movie. Her co-star, Richard Gere, actually ended up making more than she did.

6 Fans Still Aim To Recreate The Looks From Runaway Bride

Now there's something to be said about a bride rocking sneakers. While Julia's character may not have invented the look, she surely encouraged brides to test it out for themselves.

The numerous wedding dresses Julia's character wear during her running away montage have become iconic in their own right, with fans searching the web to find replicas for their nuptials.

5 Julia's Crisp & Cool Style In Closer Is Timeless

Julia's wardrobe is more subdued in this movie, but that's what makes it so poignant. Her structured character likes her clothing to fit her routine, it's crisp, a buttoned white color paired with a different pair of jeans when she's working.

She's the embodiment of the modern working woman, who pairs comfort and class to create an elegant look that isn't too overpowering. Audience members are eager to capture Julia's character style after seeing the movie.

4 Stepmom Helped Solidify Julia's Claim Over Comfy Girl Fall Fashion

Julia Roberts plays a fashion photographer in Stepmom, so it makes sense that her wardrobe stands the test of timeThe movie is filled with chunky turtlenecks, chic sunglasses, and cozy fall looks that fans look to for inspiration to this day.

It's also one of the first films where Julia ditched her famous curly locks for a short, straight cut. Fans loved the change, proving the actress can pull off a transformative look.

3 Mona Lisa Smile's Costume Designer Knew What He Was Doing

The costume designer for Mona Lisa Smile had an inkling his wardrobe would be a hit with audiences, as he saw nods to 1950s fashion slowly slipping their way back into mainstream fashion trends.

Pencil skirts, pleats, shaped overcoats, all of these items would be littered throughout his movie as well the 2008 fashion sphere.

Julia's character stands out because her fashion choices are so different from those of her students in the film. She makes more mature choices, going for trousers, crisp sweaters, and hats over the more traditional looks of a full skirt and blouse.

2 My Best Friends Wedding Captures 2022 Fashion Trends Perfectly

Julia's character in My Best Friend's Wedding may not be the best role model, but her wardrobe is nearly to die for. From the perfectly fitted dress she wears to the wedding, to her casual cropped top and jeans looks, the wardrobe department nailed the classic cool girl look.

Some outfits Julia pulls off in the movie can easily be attributed to the outfits stars like Hailey Bieber wear today.

1 Notting Hill Will Forever Be One Of Fashion In Film's Greatest Triumphs

Notting Hill is a fan favorite of true Julia Robert stans. That's why it's particularly peculiar it's taken so long for the likes of Vogue to recognize her character Anna Robert's influence on fashion. The character's style is similar to the casual, tomboy-Esque looks that drape the streets of fashion hubs like New York City or Paris.

Even Anna's eyebrows are en vogue with the current gen-z trends. The everlasting trends established by the movie are a testament to both movie magic and the magic that is Julia Roberts.

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