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Friends: 8 Funniest Lies The Characters Told (According To Reddit)

alum Matthew Perry opened up about his struggles with drug abuse and the road to recovery in his addiction memoir, which is now available to order.

Matthew Perry'scharacter, Chandler Bing is known for delivering some of the wittiest remarks and sharpest insults on . He was also best friends with the goofy liar Joey Tribbiani. While Chandler and Joey both concocted funny lies to cover up their shenanigans, Joey was the worst liar of all time. The gang, as a matter of fact, lied in and out through various situations, and among those falsehoods, Reddit thinks these are the most hilarious.

8 Mr. Zelner Wants To Buy Rachel's Baby

In a Reddit thread asking for favorite lies the characters told, says Rachel Green's "...My boss wants to buy my baby..." is their favorite lie. It features in "The One with the Tea Leaves," and it all begins with Rachel's attempt to restore normality to her and Joey's friendship. She presents him with a conundrum and manages to convince him that her boss, Mr. Zelner, wants to buy her baby.

Whilst Rachel hopes that Joey as her friend would comfort her, he instead, storms into Zelner's office and warns him to stay away from Rachel's unborn child.

The hilarity of this lie is the comedy of the errors it triggers. Joey certainly ends up looking a fool when he finds out the truth, Mr. Zelner (in the presence of an HR representative) clarifies that he understands Rachel's baby is not his to purchase. Above all, the icing on the cake is watching Rachel strut out of Zelner's office with an extra month of paid maternity leave.

7 Rachel's Mean OB-GYN

Rachel's Zelner lie must be among . When it fails to help break the ice, she concocts another story, this time involving her OB-GYN.

mentions the second of Rachel's lies towards the end of "The One with the Tea Leaves," writing, " OBGYN is trying to kill me!"

Rachel apologizes to Joey after her first lie falls apart, but is prompted to lie the second time because Joey acknowledges things are awkward between them. He'd confessed his feelings to Rachel, but she'd rejected him saying she didn't feel the same way. It's interesting to note that she's able to think quickly on her feet when it comes to spinning stories such as this one. Joey and Rachel score a memorable scene when he figures she's lying, stares at her disbelief, and she nervously plays with her hair.

6 Phoebe's Roommate

In the same Reddit thread, writes, "My favorite lie a character has told is Phoebe with Denise, DENISE!"

With Phoebe's experiences and the arduous battles she faced as a child, she'd gained street smarts. She was also a good liar and used the talent to her advantage So when Rachel put Phoebe on spot in "The One With Ross's Denial," by asking if she could move in with him, the latter excused herself saying she had a roommate named Denise. Phoebe obviously didn't have a roommate, and it was clear that Denise was a fictitious person she made up to get out of tricky situations.

The lie highlights Phoebe's ability to think on her feet and to have good answers ready and that's exactly why it's a favorite.

5 Rachel Has Seen Them All

Season 9's "The One with the Donor" is home to yet another outrageous lie from Rachel, and this time Joey's girlfriend, Charlie, is being lied to. When Charlie asks Rachel out to the movies in an effort to bond with her, she disgracefully excuses herself saying she's seen all the movies.

Rachel's pathetic excuse from the said episode is "favorite" and they rightly call her "a terrible liar.

" It's amusing how she remains steadfast in her lie knowing full well Charlie is onto her. Rachel's squirm and nervous laughter are a dead giveaway, but she'd rather make a fool of herself than stop lying any time soon.

4 Joey Covers Monica And Chandler

Though - "The One With Ross' Sandwich," the said episode also gives ample screen time to Joey's character. He provides comic relief in a tense situation involving his friends, Chandler and Monica.

When Monica and Chandler find it increasingly hard to hide their romance, the only person in on their secret - Joey - finds himself constantly covering for them.

identifies Joey's attempts at covering up the affair as their favorite, writing, "Joey lying about Monica and Chandler it [sic] birthed one of the funniest episodes." They are correct because Joey, at his core, is a bad liar, and it essentially means that he comes up with hilarious lies to protect Monica and Chandler. He simply calls himself "disgusting" as an explanation for when Rachel finds his (Chandler's) underwear at Monica's place. In another, he lies about playing a woman in play when Rachel sees Monica's razor in the men's bathroom.

3 Roschel's Fake Wedding Ceremony

says, "The wedding story that Ross and Rachel were telling at the Gellers anniversary party" is the funniest lie on the show. They are a cent percent correct because Roschel's over-the-top lies were the highlights of an otherwise dull gathering.

Ross and Rachel concoct the wedding ceremony story in one of - "The One In Massapequa." There's obviously a bit to unpack here and it goes something like this. The pair chose to have a child out of a wedlock, and the Gellers asked them to lie to their old-fashioned friends and relatives about being married. The most amusing part was watching Ross and Rachel take the lie further and concoct an unbelievably extravagant wedding ceremony.

Rachel lied about Belgian nuns making her veil, and about Stevie Wonder singing "" as she walked down the aisle while Ross stared at her in disbelief.

2 Joey's Raccoon Lie

Joey stinks at lying, and almost always uses his Racoon lie to hide an awkward situation. highlights the time in "The One With Rachel's Other Sister" when he used the terrible, "You know a raccoon came in..." over and over again to protect himself from being held accountable. Phoebe asked Joey who took his muffin from Central Perk, he blamed it on a stray raccoon.

On the day of Thansksgiving, Joey goes to the most effective liar in the gang, Phoebe to come up with a good lie to explain his absence from the big parade. She concocts a family emergency story for him to give to the producers of , and he somehow ends up inserting a raccoon in it. As Phoebe yells him, he looks down demonstrating he's the most adorable liar of the gang. His raccoon story falls apart, yet he continues to use it over and over again.

1 Rachel's Description Of Gladys

In order to dissuade Joey from keeping Phoebe's terrifying 3-D painting in their apartment, Rachel convinces him it's haunted.

Her description of Phoebe's artwork lies in the episode "The One With Ross' Grant" and it scares the bejesus out of Joey. When she's finished, he asks her to remove it from their home and runs into his bedroom.

According to , "Rachel scaring Joey with a story about how Gladys is haunted and she looks for legs to steal" is ' funniest lie. Rachel's utterly zany description of the half-bald mannequin - Gladys - includes claims such as her coming to life when everyone is asleep and using her one hand to open the doorknobs. It's amusing how she lies on the spot and even more amusing to watch Joey drop his jaw in horror.

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