Where Was Ticket To Paradise Filmed? All Filming Locations Explained

Julia Roberts and George Clooney headed for a tropical getaway when they filmed their 2022 Rom-Com, Ticket To Paradise. Both stars thrived in the 90s and early 2000s with their roles in romantic comedies like Clooney's One Fine Day and Intolerable Cruelty and Roberts' Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. The buzz around romcoms died down toward the end of the 2000s, but they have seemingly been on the rise again, with Ticket To Paradise grossing $172.1 million at the U.S. box office. The film was likely a success because of its superstar leads, though its tropical location may have also drawn some audiences in.

Ticket To Paradise, directed by Ol Parker, centered on divorced parents Georgia Cotton (Roberts) and David Cotton (Clooney) headed to Bali, Indonesia, to prevent their recent college graduate daughter from getting married. The film utilized its location's turquoise oceans and bountiful vegetation, creating a setting it'd be easy to fall in love, even if the love interest is your ex-spouse. While Ticket To Paradise was set in Bali, it was not filmed in the Asian country. The cast and crew were set to film there, but due to Covid-19, they moved their filming locations down under.

8 Ticket To Paradise Begins In Los Angeles

About 18 minutes go by in Ticket To Paradise before Georgia and David arrive in Bali. Los Angeles is one of the listed filming locations, and while it's not confirmed exactly what was shot there, it seems the film's beginning was likely done in the California city. Some of the beginning scenes are Lily in her dorm room with her roommate and close friend Wren, her college graduation, and the airport scenes when her parents drop her off for her flight to Bali and when they arrive to fly to Bali.

7 Georgia & David Arrive At Katie's Cove

When Lily arrives in Bali, she meets a seaweed farmer named Gede. A month into their relationship, she decides to give up her plans to become a lawyer and move to Bali to marry Gede. Her parents arrive in Bali seemingly for the wedding but have a plan to stop her from what they believe is a terrible decision. The scene where they get off the boat at the island was shot at Katie's Cove on Haslewood Island in the Whitsundays, Australia.

The Whitsunday Islands are known for their crystal-clear oceans, resembling those in Bali, making it the perfect dupe.

It's a pretty quick scene in which the divorced couple convinces their daughter they're happy for her, hiding their true feelings about her marriage that she was worried they wouldn't approve of.

6 Hamilton Island Was Also Feature In Ticket To Paradise

Another location apart of the Whitsundays is Hamilton Island. A few scenes from the movie were shot here, including Lily and Gede's wedding and a soccer game between David and the kids in Gede's family. The game took place on Catseye Beach, while one scene from the wedding, where Lily walks down the shore with her bridesmaids, was also filmed on the Island.

At this point, Georgia and David realize they can't hold their daughter back from living the life she wants because of what they think is best for her. At the wedding, they finally give the couple their blessing, which calms Lily and Gede's worries.

5 Georgia & David Stay At The Qualia Luxury Resort

A good portion of Ticket To Paradise takes place at the tropical resort where Georgia and David stay. They have rooms next to each other, each with an unbelievable ocean view from an open porch with its own pool.

Luckily, anyone who fell in love with the resort while watching the film and wants to visit it themselves can.

The rooms they stayed in are part of a real resort called Qualia, and it's on Hamilton Island. In one prominent scene, Georgia spent the night in David's room, only for her boyfriend to show up the next morning. To hide it from him, the two switch rooms, confusing her boyfriend, especially when he sees David wearing Georgia's yoga pants.

4 Gede's Seaweed Farm Was Shot At Palm Bay Resort

Gede's seaweed farm was shot in the water at Palm Bay Resort, Long Island, also part of the Whitsundays Islands. A prominent scene is when A Ticket To Paradise characters Georgia and David harvest seaweed and turn it into a competition of who can gather the most and produce the largest seaweed pile. Lily and Gede watch on from the shore as her parents viciously try to beat each other. Though their competition soon turns into fun, and Lily is confused to see her divorced parents laughing with each other.

3 David Gets Bit By A Dolphin At Lucinda Bay

Most people fear getting bit by sharks in the ocean, not dolphins. However, in Ticket To Paradise, when Lily and Gede jump into the water to swim with the friendly dolphins, one has it out for David and soars through the water towards him and bites his leg. The scene was shot at Lucinda Bay near the Tangalooma Island Resort, which is known to be a popular location to see dolphins.

2 Lily's Sunset Wedding Takes Place On Moreton Island

Lily's wedding was not shot all in one destination as a scene after she says her vows was shot at Moreton Island in Queensland, Australia.

In the scene, Lily stands at the shore with her father, and he finally accepts that Lily knows what's best for herself more than he and Georgia do. While he thought preventing the wedding from happening was him preventing Lily from ruining her life, he'd be holding her back if he made her leave Bali. The two admire the sunset before walking off to dance at her wedding celebration.

1 Ticket To Paradise Shot At Tamborine National Park

Ticket To Paradise featured some beautiful beach and ocean scenes but also took place in the rainforest.

These scenes were shot at Tamborine National Park on the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane. A crucial scene in the rainforest occurs when Georgia, David, Lily, and Gede get caught in a rainstorm after encountering a wild pig and after Lily finds out her parents have stolen her wedding ring because they don't agree with her marrying Gede. The scene also leads to a romantic sunset scene between Georgia and David, where they realize they still love each other, leading them to get back together at the end of Ticket To Paradise.

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