Reveal! What It's Really Like Working With George Clooney And Julia Roberts

Just like that, Universal brought back George Clooney and Julia Roberts together onscreen again for Ol Parker's romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise. In the movie, the longtime friends play an ex-couple who are forced to work with each other to stop their daughter from marrying a man she just met.

The part of the daughter is played by Kaitlyn Dever who is best known for her breakout performance in Olivia Wilde's Booksmart. And while the actress has worked on several films and shows over the years, she's never worked with two Oscar winners before. And perhaps, more importantly, she's never had Roberts and Clooney play her parents up until now.

Kaitlyn Dever Signed On To Do Ticket To Paradise Because She Was 'Looking To Do Something Different'

Dever may have already taken on a variety of Hollywood projects in the past but nothing like Ticket to Paradise.

"The script was incredible and so much fun. I had met Ol before and was excited to work with him again," the actress said. "To be part of a rom-com was something I hadn't done before and I'm always looking to do something different. This was all of those things packed into one."

She also jokingly added, "Maybe also, working with George Clooney and Julia Roberts was an element I was kind of interested in.


Prior to working on the film though, Dever had never met Clooney or Roberts. But of course, much like the rest of the world, she knew of them. "I'm such a big fan of the two of them. They're so talented and I was nervous to meet them for the first time," she confessed.

As it turns out, however, there was nothing to be nervous about. What's more, the two stars even got to meet Dever's family while filming in Australia.

"I mean, my family was like, they're super chill about the two of them," she said. "I think I get that question a lot, which is like, "What did your parents think of them being your parents?" But they're really chill, super down-to-earth people.

I mean, I guess my sisters thought it was pretty cool."

For The Actress, It Was 'Really Easy' Playing George Clooney And Julia Roberts' Daughter

Now, a lot of people may find the idea of working with Clooney and Roberts intimidating but both were very friendly and approachable on set.

"I think the two of them really made sure that everybody was having a good time and having fun. And that was a big priority, I think, for both of them," Dever said of her onscreen parents.

"And everybody is nervous to meet them because of their background and their careers that they've both had. That's a scary, nerve-wracking feeling, to be in their presence.

But they never ever made anybody feel nervous or they always welcomed everybody in."

And as for playing Roberts and Clooney's daughter, Dever also feels like she hit the jackpot. "It was really easy to be George and Julia's daughter because they were so sweet, the actress remarked. "We were constantly telling stories and making each other laugh. It was a special thing to bond with them and it became easier to create dialogue with them."

At the same time, Dever also learned a lot from both stars while working on the movie. "Oh, just being around (Julia) and her presence is just a masterclass. There was so much learning every single day," she explained.

"I think a lot of it was subconscious things that I'll take with me down the road, but really witnessing how she interacts with people on set and the way she approaches acting was something I really respected. It's a dream. She's a legend."

"(And George) he's such a force. He is so nice to everybody on set," Dever continued.

"There's so much going on on sets all the time, and what I noticed every day was that he was just so helpful and kind and generous with the cast and crew. And that goes a really long way. What I noticed about him (too) is that he just loves making movies. He's been doing it for so long, but it seems like he is just so passionate about filmmaking in general.


Meanwhile, following Ticket to Paradise, Dever is set to star in the upcoming sci-fi horror No One Will Save You. And after doing a movie with Clooney and Roberts, she also knows who she wants to work with next.

"I would love to work with Regina King. I think she's amazing," Dever said. "Obviously, you know, Meryl Streep. That would be insane. She's an icon."

At the same time, Dever also hopes to work again with Ticket to Paradise co-star Billie Lourd who also starred with her on Booksmart. "Yeah, working with Billie again was truly the best ever," she said of Lourd.

"It's a rarity to get to work with people that you've worked with in the past again. It's not taken for granted. We're going to continue to find projects to work on together because (this) was just so much fun. We didn't get a lot of one-on-one time on Booksmart the way we did in this movie."

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