10 Weird Facts We Know About Emma Roberts & The Roberts Family

The Roberts family must be among . They are not jut beautiful, but highly intelligent and supremely talented, and viewers know that when a Roberts steps up onto a stage, the movie will be classy and with a cutting edge. They just have that kind of an X factor. Julia Roberts stole audience affections in the 80s and 90s. So when Emma Roberts entered the scene, she was left with big shoes to fill.

However, she did so with candor, keeping up the Roberts tradition of showbiz excellence. Emma herself is as complicated as the diverse and unique characters she portrays.

Here are ten things you may, or may not, have known about Emma Roberts and the Roberts family.

10 Drama Backstage

It's not just onscreen that the Roberts family's story is filled with drama. There have been many rumors about the family's life offstage. Eric Roberts, Emma's dad, has often born the brunt of such scandalous gossip. In 1987, he was arrested for being in the possession of cocaine and marijuana. As a result, he had to spend 36 hours

9 More Scandal

It would appear, if reports are anything to go by, that Emma has something of a temper on her, with a bloody nose and bite marks on his body as a result of conflict with her.

Even did not press charges against Emma, so perhaps this is just a little bit of tabloid madness.

8 An Unexpected Move From Julia

Emma's mother is Kelly Cunningham, who is to her father. When her father and mother divorced and fought for custody for Emma, Julia, Eric's natural sister, and even helped Kelly financially to take on Eric in court.

7 The Wind Beneath Their Wings?

he is the reason behind daughter Emma's success. He believes to be the one behind her success as an actress, as well as the main reason sister, Julia is a success. Emma, however, made it clear that Aunty Julia Roberts was behind her great love for acting. Emma also sings but who can say whether Julia is the motivating factor behind this.

6 A Friendship Gone Too Far?

The Roberts are no strangers to scandal. Emma was accused of being the of well-known couple, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen.

Rachel found text exchanges between Hayden and Emma and felt their friendship had gotten a little too comfortable for her liking. After ten years together, the couple made a decision to split up. However, whether this was a direct result of Roberts' actions has never been definitively confirmed.

5 Thanks To Aunty Julia

Emma credits her aunt Julia as the reason for her entering the limelight. She would sit

during movie shootings, and recalls being there during the filming of Erin Brockovich and hiding in her aunt's make-up trailer. This is when she fell in love with the stage and stardom, and she went for it with all of her heart, even when her mother attempted to intervene to stop her from being hurt by the industry. Emma believed she had what it took to make it big in the industry, and she proved her mother wrong.

4 A Bookworm

Emma Roberts is a self-confessed book addict, adding that she tries to read a book every couple of weeks to keep her mind in . She and childhood friend Karah Preiss used to send books to each other as a gesture of friendship.

This mutual love for books is what led the friends to eventually start a book lovers' blog.

3 A Sweet Tooth

As slim and trim as she is, Emma Roberts has something of a sweet tooth. Her favorite foods are . She also brings sweets to work for everyone to enjoy and says she is completely obsessed with choc-chip waffles and pancakes. Still, she says she manages to balance these food choices with healthier food options.

2 A Passion For Fashion

It would see that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, as well as Sienna Miller, have colored the fashion choices of Emma Roberts.

She also confesses to surfing the net to find the latest in fashion trends, and believes to be one of her most defining qualities. She once spent a whole lot of money on a Balenciaga purse, just because she saw the Olsen twins had one just like it.

1 Successful (And Rich)

With such success, it's not hard to believe the Roberts have a lot of money to their name. Emma was able to purchase a $1.25-million home when she was just 19 years old! Eight years later (2018), she in Los Angeles. The rest of her money, she spends on beauty products.

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